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Hello! Lila is our new 10-week old baby girl. She's been with us for a full week now and our lives have changed for the better. She's such a lovebug. Here are some photos of our precious girl!
0_1604341518273_Lila 1*.jpg

0_1604341595555_Lila 2*.jpg
0_1604341769991_Lila 3*.jpg

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Thanks, everyone! Yea, I am not sure I will feel comfortable doing that but props to you! 🙂 We have a large living room/dining room/kitchen open floor plan so she will have a nice area to enjoy when inside.

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These are great suggestions and tidbits of knowledge. Thank you all for your help! 🙂

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Hello everyone!

My name is Lauren. Glad to have found this community! My fiance and I will be adding a Basenji to our family and would love some help in regards to properly preparing. Both of us work from home so the little girl will rarely be alone. That being said, I am a food photographer so during some portions of the day, she will need to be in her "home"/aka playpen. I've read that they are quite the escape artists so I've been searching for a tall gate. I found a company that sells lucite pens, but it is quite pricey.

It comforts me knowing that she won't be able to climb up the lucite like she would be able to with a grid-type pen.

What are your thoughts? Does this matter at all? Does a 36" tall playpen work well or will they be able to escape after a few months? If that is the case, I don't want to buy such an expensive playpen if it won't function well for some time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 🙂


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