Hello from Lila in New Orleans!

OMG! I’m 😍 💕in love - she is so precious! That little pink sweater is adorable. What a sweetheart! Congratulations! 🐾❤

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She is so cute! Have a great time with Lila!

OMG - What a cutie!!! Be careful to keep her humble or she will RULE THE ROOST!!!

She is indeed gorgeous, but do keep those nails trimmed or she could do real damage to the furniture !

Do tell us her parentage and make sure such a beauty is included in the on-line Basenji pedigree database

She is truly adorable. So very happy for all of you!

What a pretty little puppy.

I think the whole collective just went ‘AWWWwwwww!’ She is so precious.

What a pretty and sweet little pup!!! That FACE!!!! I wish you many happy years together with laughs and love and wagging curly tails!!!!

Love the coat, but that second photo is to die for. What a cutie.

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