• Yes, I will be there, stop by and say hello! 🙂 My mom will be manning my spot in the benching area where all the Basenjis are. I think I'll give her Mojo, my talker. Most of the time I will be over at the Michigan Gazehound Association booth, we have lots of sighthounds and lure coursing info. Tyson and his family will be there with us too. We show around 11am tomorrow and close to 2pm Sunday, so those might be hard times to talk to everyone. lol

    All the pups around here are spoken for. I do know of a couple puppies in Indiana that might still be available. Contact me privately if you would like their info. The puppies down South are all taken too, I have to change that yet. You can check with the others this weekend, they might have an idea if there are any puppies available in the Midwest. There is a breeder near Windsor too, I'll have to check and see if she has anything left. Most likely your friend will need to get on someone's waiting list for next winter.

  • Kelli -

    I have passed your contact info. on to my friend. I will look for you tomorrow!


  • I read you had to learn how put picture here?
    personaly I use this

    but you can use any kind of "hebergeur d'image " clic on "parcourir " you choose your picture and "valider" then you "copie colle" the third link.

  • Thank you - although it's not in English 🙂 I'll figure it out.

  • Sorry
    it's maybe called "image hostel free" in english, you can find in on your research center , there are a lot. Somebody else will help you.

  • Welcome to the forum and bless you for adopting a senior pet. 🙂

    I use photobucket.com for my picture hosting needs. It's pretty easy to use and reliable.

  • Welcome - you can directly add pictures from your computer to our forum.

    It's really easy to add pictures directly. Use the Manage Attachments button (before send your post, scroll down the page a bit), then the browse (to find the picture on your computer) then attach it. The picture shows up as a thumbnail in the body of your message and the reader can click on it to make it larger. This way it doesn't take up as much space.

    For more details check the forum section on "help & information"

  • Welcome to the forums from Illinois.

  • Welcome to the forum, have fun!

  • Welcome to the Forum and greetings from Belgium !:D

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