• Hi I'm Christine,from new zealand,We have had Basenjis for over 25years,and ran 6 all together now ,we are down to just one along with 5 greyhounds His name is Kodi

  • I have a basenji - her name is Kembe - she just turned 12 last month?

  • Hello, My name is Robert. My father and I had Basenjis when I was young. I used to hunt with our male Benny. He used to make these very wide circles around me and run rabbits and quail to where I was. I have a lot of unbelievable, but true stories about Benny.
    I am now 62 and will be getting another in 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Hi Robert,great news that your getting an other basenji.Im 67 and the only one
    we have now is 3years and lives with 5 retired greyhounds.

  • Welcome to the forum. Robert, I would be interested in hearing some of your stories. It's rare to find someone who has actually used Basenjis for hunting, which of course is their original purpose. I am guessing you had a different relationship with your dogs than most pet owners do.

    Hi Christine. Interesting that you now have Greyhounds. A friend who used to breed Basenjis is now into Whippets. I find sight hounds seem to have a lot of common characteristics. When I was a teenager I walked a Greyhound for a neighbour. What a lovely dog she was, and completely reliable off leash. But then, so was my first Basenji. Different times.....

    Does anyone have any pictures to post? We love pictures on this board.

  • @eeeefarm Hi i must be a bit stupid ,but I don't know how to get photo's on to this sight

  • @kirikodi said in new member:

    @eeeefarm Hi i must be a bit stupid ,but I don't know how to get photo's on to this sight

    It used to be easy to post photos, but since they have "upgraded" I'm not so sure myself! Let's see if I can figure it out....lately people seem to be linking to pictures rather than inserting them in posts, so maybe it's not possible any more. Oh, maybe you still can. Picture needs to be online somewhere, then you link to it by clicking on the picture icon above compose.

  • I carn't even get your pic,
    I'll get back to you later must go

  • @kirikodi said in new member:

    I carn't even get your pic,
    I'll get back to you later must go

    Yeah, they have blocked hotlinking it. The url is here.

  • @eeeefarm Yes
    I did get your pic on the beach, he looks a lot like my Kodi
    I must try to get some pic's to you .

  • @rlshiver
    Hi ! I'm about a year younger, have an 8 yr old rescue. We also have a year old Samoyed.
    Where are you located and where (who is the breeder?) are you getting your puppy from?

  • @debradownsouth Hi, I'm in Southern Arizona. My pup will be coming from a breeder in Arkansas. She calls her business "Trackers Choice". They specialize in tracking dogs, mostly hounds.

  • @rlshiver - Are you getting your pup from Top Dog? If so, you might want to think twice. Go to www.basenji.org that is the parent club for Basenjis, you can search for breeders by state. Most all responsible breeders are parent club members.

  • Who's Top Dog?

  • @rlshiver Just wondered if that was the breeder you were getting a pup from in Arkansas. There are no members of Basenji Club of America in that state

  • Did some research and yep that's them. Bummer, she has my money. I didn't see any complaints about their dogs. It mostly had to do with deposits not being returned and they do state in the contract, as do many breeders, that the deposits are non-refundable.
    I did email people on basenji.org. A few didn't respond and others seemed too expensive and others did not have any available.
    All I can do now is wait and see.

  • Welcome Robert,
    My name is Alexandra. I'm in Canada & I have 3 male basenjis, all rescues/rehomed. A tri 6 yrs old, a red/white 8 yrs old, and a saddle back red who's 11 yrs old.
    Are you on the north or south island? I'm familiar with the Taupo/Rotarua area from visiting friends there...beautiful place!

  • Hi from Christine, South Island Rakaia

  • @rlshiver Hopefully you check out health testing yourself?

  • I will take it to a vet promptly. Not sure what to look for. Maybe you can give me some direction or will the vet know?
    Yea, I'm really nervous after doing more research. Problem is, they changed their name so until I came on this forum I had no clue. Probably better just to clam up for now and hope it turns out okay.

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