Hello everyone we’re New!

Welcome Aury. Simba is very adorable. Just keep in mind "a tired basenji; is a good basenji". Meaning, they can not get into any trouble. Long, long walks and lots and lots of play time.

@tanza hello! Thanks! And off course. The breeder is “Criadero Basenji Colombia” here in my country’s and he is a “The Grand canyon Bulls”

@kembe Thank you so much!!!! 🐾

@basenjimom2 that’s true! Today was a play date day! He’s asleep now ! Thanks God!

Love the picture. He is beautiful. also have a R/W named Simba.

You and your beautiful Simba are going to have a lifetime of fun being best friends!!! Basenjis are SO funny!!!!

@nancyss Thank you!!! That is the plan!!! A lot of adventures together

He is adorable. I love his basenji face and expression. Enjoy him to the fullest.

@daureen Thanks a lot! I totally will!!! 😃

hey, i am jack and my dog name is squat

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