Hello everyone

my name is Marilyn,I am a devoted slave to my 4mo b named gracie.I had never had a b before but fell in love with them about 20 ys ago.So I decided I needed one.I got gracie,my world has turned upside down,but I love it.

Welcome Marilyn and Gracie! Isn't upside down fun!! Post some pics.

Welcome Marilyn - you will have a life full of fun with Gracie, and lots of frustration too, but worth it all - I have a four month old furbaby too ,and we love her to pieces.

Welcome and congrats to a brave new world!

Welcome to you and Gracie! We love pictures!! 😃

Welcome, where did you get your little bundle of joy?

Welcom to our group. Tell us more about your little "beastie".

Welcome to the forum!

Hello & welcome from Canada.


🙂 Hello Marilyn. Twenty years sounds like the perfect planning time to prepare for a b. 😉 Once you're in you're upside down. Care to share how your 4 month old has changed your day to day?


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