Hello everyone.
First Basenji's

Hello , my name is Suzy and my basenji boy is Khyroe- He is tri colored and I am told he is big for a basenji, He weighs 31 pounds of solid muscle and a big baby, so sweet and cuddley. Lol:D I am glad I found this forum. Khy (as we call him) is 5 yrs old, we got him from a friend who had his daddy and they weren't getting along. So we got Khy when he was 11 months old. Talk more later. Glad to be here. Hello everyone.

hi Suzy and Khyroe (love the spelling of his name!). Warm welcomes to the forum - lots of great information here from people who are total basenji lovers. Have you any pics of Khyroe? We love to see pictures. And if you know Khyroe' s parents/grandparents you might be surprised to find out Khyroe has siblings on here. I personally don't have a basenji yet, but many of the folks on here are related by their basenjis!

Welcome to the forum! Send us pics!!! Khyroe is not necessarily too heavy if he's solid muscle - we've seen a few at the dog parks who are beautifully built, just larger than some.

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Welcome Suzy and Khy

Welcome and yes pictures are nice!

First Basenji's

Hello to everyone here. Thank you from Khy and I for the nice welcome to be part of this great basenji forum. There will be more pics to come.

Glad you found us..you might find many friends here..I sure did!

Welcome to you and Khy - may we have a picture please?

Welcome! Here is some help about posting photos:

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