• My name is Rich and my wife's is April. I've had many dogs growing up and I wanted another one. While looking through a book I saw a picture of a Basenji. I thought it was so beautiful and wanted to get one as soon as I could. My wife and I read about them, all the pros and cons and decided to go for it. We bought a tri colored and he has grown to be the best dog I have ever had. We love him like he was our own child, hehe. Everywhere we take him people stop and compliment us on how pretty (awesome) our dog is. We bought him just outside of Houston and now we teach English in Korea. We brought him with us and he made a smooth transition to life over here although I'm sure he still dreams of big open fields. We found this forum as we were looking for advice about dealing with fanconi disease. It seems that there is a very high chance that our dog may have it. I have to admit, we are taking this very hard. Anyway, no matter what happens we'll take care of him.

  • Welcome…Glad you found us.

  • Welcome - have you had your dog tested for fanconi or relying on pedigree information?
    There's a whole section devoted to fanconi and several people on this forum have had experience with it.

  • Welcome to the forum! Don't forget to post a picture 😉

  • we are having him tested tomorrow but over the last few days he has been showing all the signs. If it's not it I will be surprised, happy but surprised

  • If you go to www.basenji.org you can download the protocol for your Vet about Fanconi treatment.

    And if he does have Fanconi, there is a yahoo group list that you can join that is just for people with Fanconi affected dogs.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome! Get him tested so you know for sure.

  • Wecome! Dont be afraid to ask Fanconi questions.
    1. Whats his name?
    2. How old is he?
    3. Pictures?

  • Welcome to the forum!

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