• Hi! I'm Michele and my B-boy is Gibby aka the Gibbster, G-Man, G-Unit Special Forces or GIBSON (when he is in situation he is not supposed to be in,,,,):rolleyes:
    This looked like a cool idea and I enjoy the BRAT emails.
    Gibby is a BRAT rescue who came to live with me due to former cat crimes. He's a beautiful little red & white charmer full of personality and quite regal when he chooses to be.
    I love learning about this breed and I try to assist when called upon to help with placements in my area.
    I look forward to checking in and seeing the topics posted!
    Take care, M & Gibbs

  • Hi Michele - Just read some of your posts. It would be nice if you could post Gibby's pic. How old was Gibby when you got him and how old is Gibby now? It sounds like he's getting along well. I'm curious because I am considering a rescue Basenji or mix. Duke needs someone else to harass here at home. <ggg>I'm in the thinking stage tho' my husband says I think too much! So . . . I like to plan . . . :D</ggg>

  • Welcome Michelle and Gibby

  • Welcome to the forum Michelle. I think it's awesome that you rescued your basenji. I look forward to seeing pics of Gibby.

  • Kudo's to you on the BRAT rescue and welcome to the Forum.:)

  • Welcome…this is a great place to listen, learn and share!

  • Welcome! I love it here!!

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