Hello Everyone

I just found out about this forum and I love it. I am from Knoxville and have a 1 1/2 year old Basenji name Manning. I also have a mix named Rascal and two cats, Freya and Darwin (Manning loves to antagonize these two!)


Welcome to the list.

Welcome to the forum. what happened in the first picture? Did your B get into your trash?

Manning looks too cute to get into any trouble… hahahahaha...;)

Rascal is quite handsome, too.:)

awwwww….they are both so cute.....and they look so innocent 🙂

Welcome!! What cutie patooties you have there!!! 🙂

I walked out the door one day and forgot to take the trash out when I left. I'm pretty sure Manning and Rascal must have thought it was a gift complete with the shiny garbage bag gift wrapping! I came home to find not only both dogs in the trash but the cats basically rolling around in it as well. I know when I leave they are all conspiring together against me….. 🙂

Yep! Ours does the same. We try and keep it in a closet.

Manning's face looks like " OH Hi, didn't expect you back so soon….how was your day?"

Welcome to the forum!! This is a great place for information and showing off your dog(s). Lots of experienced basenji owners here and I am grateful for all their help. Hollie and I know Manning & Rascal from Dogster!!! 🙂

Basenji Mix

Welcome here! It's loaded with lots of info and suggestions. Enjoy!

Manning is an adorable little B. Is your little Rascal a B-mix? He looks like it to me.

We think Rascal might be a mix. It was trying to figure out what she was mixed with that first introduced us to what a Basenji was. Behavior wise she fit the profile! Little did I know what I was getting into with my cute little shelter puppy. After her puppy years I knew I could survive anything!

Welcome to the forum! They sure are cute! It's a great place to learn, laugh and share stories about our babies!

Hello and welcome…Manning is so cute...we are in Knoxville also, we have a B named Jojo and she is 11yr, we adopted her from BRAT this past February...again welcome (I wonder where you got the name "Manning"?hummmm...)

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