• I just found out about this forum and I love it. I am from Knoxville and have a 1 1/2 year old Basenji name Manning. I also have a mix named Rascal and two cats, Freya and Darwin (Manning loves to antagonize these two!)


  • Welcome to the list.

  • Welcome to the forum. what happened in the first picture? Did your B get into your trash?

  • Manning looks too cute to get into any trouble… hahahahaha...;)

  • Rascal is quite handsome, too.:)

  • awwwww….they are both so cute.....and they look so innocent 🙂

  • Welcome!! What cutie patooties you have there!!! 🙂

  • I walked out the door one day and forgot to take the trash out when I left. I'm pretty sure Manning and Rascal must have thought it was a gift complete with the shiny garbage bag gift wrapping! I came home to find not only both dogs in the trash but the cats basically rolling around in it as well. I know when I leave they are all conspiring together against me….. 🙂

  • Yep! Ours does the same. We try and keep it in a closet.

  • Manning's face looks like " OH Hi, didn't expect you back so soon….how was your day?"

  • Welcome to the forum!! This is a great place for information and showing off your dog(s). Lots of experienced basenji owners here and I am grateful for all their help. Hollie and I know Manning & Rascal from Dogster!!! 🙂

  • Welcome here! It's loaded with lots of info and suggestions. Enjoy!

    Manning is an adorable little B. Is your little Rascal a B-mix? He looks like it to me.

  • We think Rascal might be a mix. It was trying to figure out what she was mixed with that first introduced us to what a Basenji was. Behavior wise she fit the profile! Little did I know what I was getting into with my cute little shelter puppy. After her puppy years I knew I could survive anything!

  • Welcome to the forum! They sure are cute! It's a great place to learn, laugh and share stories about our babies!

  • Hello and welcome…Manning is so cute...we are in Knoxville also, we have a B named Jojo and she is 11yr, we adopted her from BRAT this past February...again welcome (I wonder where you got the name "Manning"?hummmm...)

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