Hello everyone

I am Terry from Florida. My dog is so adorable. She is 1/2 Basenji & 1/2 rough coat Jack Russel. She's white and fawn, going on 4 years old. She does bark, has a curled tail, furrowed brow, and is so beautiful. I got her at aspca in Fl. she was 10 months old, and very timid. She cowered at any loud noise, was afraid of men, and couldn't stand the word "come or bad." She cowered and tucked her tail. It was heartbreaking. Now she is so happy! We are very well bonded. She's come such a long way, and I'm very proud of her.

So nice to have you on the forums! I would love to see pictures of her, she sounds adorable. Feel free to ask us any questions about Basenjis, we are very obsessed about our little beasties!!!:D

Welcome at the forum!

Welcome to the forum. You'll get lots of info, but pictures please!!

Welcome to our pack! And congratulations on rescuing.

Your girl is lucky to have found you, welcome.

Welcome to the forum!! Can't wait to see pics of your girl!

I'm trying to get a few pics of Zoe up. I'm not too savvey in the tech area.

OMG…I want Zoe...she is so cute!

Well isn't she just the cutest!:D I bet she is a character, isn't she!:;)

Hello & welcome to the group. Adorable little girl you have


Thanks, I am very lucky to have her, she's so sweet with such a loving nature. But she does like to hunt, and last night roughed up a little oposson in the back yard. It did get away, with my help. Do other Basenji's like to herd? When Zoe went to a dog run in St Pete, she ran all the dogs to a tree, and kept them there as long as they would put up with it. It was hillarious!

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