Meet Pumpkin, just in time for fall!

  • HI guys! Meet Pumpkin! She is almost 8 months old and came to us this past week. We had given our name to a local breeder as wanting a puppy. Our name was put on a waiting list. We've owned a Basenji before, and when this little lady was returned to the breeder (there was a little incident between her and a neighbor's chicken which didn't end well for the chicken), our number was called, and we didn't hesitate. She is getting used to us, and us her. We still have some moments of "getting to know you" and I may be a little pesky on this forum for ideas. Please be as patient with me, as we are being with Pumpkin. She is lovely, mischievous, energetic, and super sweet. We are just slightly in love ❤ and maybe a little obsessed already! See what I did with the collar there? Any advice, is very appreciated.


  • She is gorgeous! Congratulations on your lovely new pup. I'm glad you opted to take in a slightly older dog who needed a home even if you originally wanted a younger puppy. How does she differ from your previous basenji?

  • Hi! Thanks! We are so in love! We adopted a 4 year old whose family was military, and assigned to a location that required a 6 month quarantine, in cinder block type conditions. They knew their boy couldn't survive in the situation, and we were happy to step in (we are military as well). They were most helpful with his "quirks" and he fit into our strange arrangement quickly (we also had a 120 lb Newfoundland at the time). So this is new "puppy" territory for us! They were the same color, but he was more affectionate. I think that will come with time and age ... I hope. I have to add the breeder has been sooo very helpful and graciously extended a 30 day "option out" that we have no intention of needing. Our son is HFA and this is a peferct fit for him, This is a commitment, not an experiment. Thanks everyone for welcoming us into your community! She is a high spirited love! ❤

  • Love the collar! Congratulations on your new family member. I have to say, I have found the boys to be more affectionate than the girls, but she will love you on her own terms. I think the females are more "independent" and less interested in pleasing you than the boys, but others may have had different experiences. All of my Basenjis have been a joy and I am sure yours will be too. I have never had one that didn't make me smile every day!

  • She is darling and so is her pumpkin collar! You might find, however, that she will be far more secure in a martindale. They are experts at getting out of regular colars. I also put a 6 to 12 inch chain from collar to leash so if they are a leash cutter, you have a chance.


    Welcome to the forum. Ouch on the demised chicken, but she's just doing what hunters do. Glad it worked out for your family. How old is your son?

  • Hi Debra,

    Our son will be 12 in November. I've never seen a collar like that! I will look into it. She doesn't seem to be a leash cutter, when/if she does mouth her leash, she is easily redirected with a stern "Pumpkin Noooo". Yes, ouch for the poor chicken, and you can guess what the first toy we bought for her? A squaeky, chicken that is still in tact! Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • ROFLMAO on the chicken toy! I got Cara the Suspicious Chicken but she didn't like it. I already gave it away or I'd send it to you!

    Martindales come in a variety of types... mine for Cara is a handmade one:
    all one material type:
    one with leather and chain:

  • Another comment on collars. If you want to teach slack leash walking but don't always have the time to "be a tree" and only want your dog to get the job done, it is best to have a different type of collar that signals to the dog that we are not serious about loose leashes today. Otherwise you are sending mixed signals if you allow a pulling behaviour one day when you are in a hurry but don't allow it the next when you have time to work on the problem.

    This is similar to using a different halter/lead combination on a breeding stallion to differentiate "working" days from pleasure or show days. And they do "get it".

  • Thanks guys! I'm learning a lot, with such good feedback from you all!

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