• Hello. Let me introduce my Basenji mix named Binary. When I adopted her from our Humane Society, I had no idea she was part Basenji. In fact, I wasn't sure what a Basenji was. I saw a German Shepherd with an exceptionally pretty face. She was tan with a black German Shepherd-like saddle and weighed about 40 pounds , and my first thought was, "Great! A portable German Shepherd!" (I have gotten to the age where it's hard to lift a big dog.) I grew up on a ranch and have always had herding dogs, because I "get" them. I always thought I was a good dog trainer, but it turns out I just had remarkably trainable dogs. Binary is very smart and always knows exactly what I want, but, well, it's all optional. Finally, in desperation, I had her DNA tested. The result: German Shepherd and Basenji. Second easiest dog to train and second hardest. Once I found out who she was, and learned a bit about Basenjis, I modified my expectations and techniques, and life got a lot easier for both of us. She is loads of fun and has a great sense of humor. Also, I no longer have gophers in my yard. I'm glad to find this forum, because right now I'm basically winging it.

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