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Looks more like a possible Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Either way you are welcome here 🙂

I kinda thought the same thing based on the color and build, but the animal rescue that he came from said Basenji, and thats what the adoption papers that were given to me said. The color is not from a shepherd (is it?), could it come from the Basenji side?

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Hello all,

My wife suprised me with an early b-day/christmas gift last night. This is George, Basenji/Shepherd mix.

She got him from a friend of a friend who adopted him 2 months ago, but couldn't keep him. He is now 4 months old. I'm not too keen on the name, and I am considering changing it since he doesn't really seem to respond to it anyway (should I not?).

Couple more pics…

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