Meet Pascha!

Glad I found this forum. I have an almost 6yr old Red Male. He loves people and dogs equally. His favorite past time is cuddling up against you on the couch. He likes living in Washington even if it snows.

Welcome Pascha and Mom to the forum. Any pics to share?

Welcome, I live in Silverdale. I know most of the Wa/Or breeders. Where did your beloved Pascha come from? I am glad you found us.

Welcome, stay warm out there! Love to see photos!

Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum..nice to have you both onboard

Welcome to the forum! Yep, pictures please!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum!

We're on the other side of the state from you. We've received over 10" of snow with another 12" in the forecast!

Welcome! Glad to have you here.

Welcome to the forum to Pascha and you.

Welcome from Oregon, love those PNW B's!!!

Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to pictures. 🙂

Pascha came from Fataki Basenjis when they were in Washington.

Hi Pascha's Mom!

I live in Renton. My 2 b's LOVE the Washington weather! They figure either get used to it or stay inside all day, every day!


Pics please!

Welcome to both you and Pascha! And though there is no need to repeat it…. pictures please! We love them!

Welcome to both of you.

She has proven to be totaly different than Tabora and Dakara who were very obedient and reserved unless chalanged. I will post stories about them all in the future.

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