Meet Simba

I have not been home this week. I will get you the names once I know the exact names. I have heard some troubling things about the breeder after I purchased the puppy in February. But he's a good puppy.

Here's the information you requested.
Sire - Harmony's Curious George (AKC DNA #V879297)
Dam - Harmony's Karina
So he was DNA tested
I have his Pedigree.
I know that she has never shown any of her dogs.

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Thank you for that - Without his full name, I have added him to the database as Harmony 'Simba'. I can easily change it. And his date of birth would also help ! When I re-upload the database later today or tomorrow, his details will be there and you can trace the Basenjis behind him who have been tested.

Both his parents are AKC registered but unless they were DNA tested under aliases (not their registered names) they have NOT been tested for Fanconi or PRA.

Most recent in Simba's pedigree to have been tested is Grandsire Harmony's Ramses The Great who tested as 'carrier of Fanconi.' Of his 8 Great-grand parents - 5 were tested. One was a carrier and 4 were clear/normal.

I really do recommend that you check Simba for Fanconi. If he is a carrier, he won't develop the disease but it is always best to know for sure. [](link url).

Sorry his full name is Simba The Little Houdini. He was born November 23, 2018.

Thanks for the information. I was told that his Sire had been tested and had come back negative. I will be checking into it further.

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I will check again, this time using his registration number - HP428721/05 - (just did. Nothing found - Dad not there).
Simba is AKC registered - HP571518/02. But no siblings ☹
I just added his pic to his pedigree.
Good luck !

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@wynette - Hello Wynette, note that the DNA you are seeing is not for health testing. It was done to prove parentage to the American Kennel Club as there must have been an issue with registrations? I would really just recommend that you spend the 65.00 and do the DNA Fanconi test yourself with OFA. It is just a cheek swab that you do yourself.

Yes I will be checking into doing that next week. I really appreciate all the help and information from everyone.

@wynette - Great, go to and then to order OFA DNA Tests, scroll down to Fanconi Syndrome, you can order from there.

We learn the hard way a lot of time. I'm glad you are here on the forum where long-time breeders and owners can help you. I moved from GA after almost 25 years (I'm now in Israel). Sadly the info on Harmony Hounds given here is correct. I'm glad you got this puppy because you want to be informed and will take care of him. I'll be curious to know if other littermates appear or if he's the only one that matched the stud so they couldn't be registered without the other male dogs being tested to determine parentage. (Yes, you can use more than one stud in a litter. )

If your pup is a carrier, it's just info with no chance of developing Fanconi. However, if he has it, then it's good to start watching diet now. The earlier you know, the better chances for a longer, healthier life.

Simba was supposedly in a litter of 4. I have a picture of the litter registration form. I know that another of the puppies is supposed to be in Northern Alabama. But that's as much as I know.
I will look into getting the kit next week. I will post results once I know.

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