New here! meet zaar and amber!

amber in a hoodie, thugged out….what a beast

aww there adorable

what a wierd dog, there is a couch there to lie on and he chooses a glass table as a pillow lol wtf?

Welcome Zaar and Amber to the forum!

Welcome. Thank you for pictures they are great beautiful Basenjis.

Rita Jean

First Basenji's

Welcome! Zaar and Amber are beautiful!

thx all, amber back from the vet doin better

Welcome to the forum with your gorgeous creatures 🙂

Welcome to the forum - I love the pictures. Zaar is very like my Miggy as a baby (Now 8 and a half).

ya zaar is a lil devil, cant even keep a soda or cup of anything around cuz he walks up and smacks it over with his paw, gotta keep drinks high up, anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem or his water obsession problem? he will drink water continously forever never stops till its all gone. so i have to monitor it and give him a lil every couple hours.

Welcome to the forum!!! 😃


Welcome to all of you. They are adorable..

Welcome to the forum, lovely pictures of your B's

beautiful dogs! Welcome!

welcome 🙂

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