• I stumbled upon this forum one day and decided to join. I live in sunny Florida and ever since I discovered that my now 8-year-old dog was a basenji mix, I have been obsessed with the breed. I have done tons of research over the years and want to own a Basenji one day(probably when I get out of college). What can I say? Like many others, I've fallen in love!

    Unlike her basenji relatives, my dog, Nugget, can bark. She is a bit larger than a basenji, but still retains the curly tail. She is red with white markings and a little black on her face. I love her and she has been my companion for nearly 8 years now. She still has the basenji trait of cleaning herself though. Here is a picture of her:

  • Aw, ain't she cute!! Welcome to the forum, this is so much fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy being here.

  • Welcome! If you want to own a full breed one day this is the place to learn about them so you're ready.

  • Welcome-I'm sure you'll learn a lot here!

  • Welcome to the forum. My B is a mix too - Basenji and Whippet.

  • Welcome - I have two B-mixes. Duke is a Basenji-Jack and Daisy is a Basenji-Spaniel. Maybe two halves can count as a whole Basenji!!

    Enjoy the forums.

  • Thanks, everyone! I think I'll learn a lot here.

    Duke and jenwilson, I'm pretty sure my B-mix is part border collie. It's great to know of someone else who has a B-mix. 🙂

  • welcome to the forum. Very cute girl. I like the name too!

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