Meet Moby

I want to introduce you to Moby, our new little Basenji mix. He showed up on Petfinder when Ren, our female Basenji, died. I go through Petfinder, and other adoption sites, every day looking for Basenjis in shelters; it's a job I do for BRAT. Of course I want to save all the high mixes I come across, but when I saw this one, something said that he really was for me. He was in Oakland California, but with the help of a few California BRAT members who pulled, fostered, and got him on a plane, he made the 13 hour trip to Alberta.

His name was Q-Ball at the shelter, but I changed it. He's absolutely a wonderful little dog… all 13 pounds of him! He gets along with all the dogs here, and fit very well into the pack. This dog has got to be he cutest little guy (and I'm not really about cute -- that's for Disney) and he's so cool! The shelter said he was Basenji/Chihuahua but if I was a betting man (and I'm not because I'm a female) I would put my money on Basenji/Jack Russell Terrier. I'm waiting for DNA results.

I'd send pictures but I don't have any yet, so this is his Petfinder page:

very adorable - congrats on your new family member
he looks like he's just thinking of stuff to get into

First Basenji's

So happy to hear that he's doing well, and in such loving company, and with a cool new name!

I didn't get a chance to send this picture to you before I left on my trip, Joanne – but I may as well attach it here. This was "Q-Ball" at the Oakland shelter, bursting with personality and energy from the getgo.


Welcome to Alberta Moby!!! He is adorable, hope you have fun loving him.

He has an adorable face and looks a handful!

Cute he is, do see Chihuahua in him will be interesting when you get your DNA results. Do the DNA results give you a percentage of each breed in the dog or just the breeds? Mixes are so interesting and some can be soooo cute and unusual, he is lucky you found him and that he fits in with your family.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Oh no, the DNA test gives you the percentages.
I had a dog DNAed about a year ago… with very surprising but totally believable results.

I call my Poochmobile Moby - because it's big and white - shame you're not this side of the pond (or vice versa!) so we could take Moby for a ride in Moby…:-)

First Basenji's

I see how you got the name Moby! So wild and wierd to see so much B but in white!!!! It would be interesting if you got a DNA. what a cutie, great to hear how you adopted him, from stray to your home! So many balls to play with in so little time! Take care of him, and good luck!

What a happy-looking boy… and look at that fluffy curled tail. Adorable!

Now you need an Ishmael. 🙂

What a cutie!

As for the DNA tests… they are mostly for fun, but accuracy... not so much yet.

I thought I would send a few pictures of Moby, he is proving to be quite the dog!
Not exoticly beautiful like a Basenji tends to be, but downright Disney cute.
He's an absolute barrel of fun that dog! He just don't stop!

How is Moby doing, Joanne? He sure is cute.


How is Moby doing, Joanne? He sure is cute.

He is Mobylicious!!!
Great little dog, I wonder how it came to be that he was without a home? He didn't come with any of the baggage that sometimes is associated with neglected or mistreated dogs. I'm sure glad I found him! He's got enough attitude and confidence to mix with our big dogs, he does very well with his obedience lessons, he learns fast, and he WANTS to do his lessons! Unusual 😉 His focus on his handler is dead on. He'd be a fantastic agility dog, if only I could run the course.


He is Mobylicious!!!
His focus on his handler is dead on. He'd be a fantastic agility dog, if only I could run the course.

that's what distance handling is all about. 😉

Awww, he is just too adorable…. Definitly Disney cute, have you thought of showing him to a modeling agency in your area...

whoa he is a adorable… and looks like he would be the life of the party! Congratulations on your new family!

Can't wait see hear of his DNA, I've got my money on Chihuahua too.

Okay … time I came out with this.....

You remember Moby, the little dog I found on Petfinder's Basenji listing, and pulled him out of a California shelter and flew him up to Alberta, Canada. And how he was listed as a Basenji/Chihuahua, but I thought he looked more like a Basenji/JRT... and some of you agreed, and everyone thought he was cute...

WELL... got his DNA results.... wa-a-a-ay off.
I knew something was wrong when I realized he was FAR too obedient for a Basenji. And he doesn't like to be under the covers, and he has no dislike of water, and he's not regal... he's just cute.
He has not one iota of Basenji DNA.
Or Chihuahua... or Terrier of any kind....
He's a Pomeranian/German Shorthaired Pointer/Maltese mix!
WHAT!!! I'm embarrassed, those breeds aren't even cool. 😉
No wonder Teak regards him with such disdain.
But now that the evidence is in my face, I do recognize some of the traits of these other breeds. And I've watched enough CSI to know that the evidence does not lie.

Oh well, kind of a kick having a dog I can let run. Unusual.

Aww, awesome to find out. We love him no matter what and you're more than welcome here!!

That is so interesting…! The Pom no doubt contributed the curly tail, the Pointer the height and the Maltese the colour 😉 But, super cute boy (and he can still have a lift in Moby the Poochmobile!)

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