Meet Simba

I have been reading the forums for awhile. So I decided to introduce Simba. He's 8 months old and my first Basenji.

I guess I just thought I knew how to post a picture.

If you want to upload a picture, use the upload button (second from right) and browse to the picture on your computer. Careful the file isn't too big!

I am trying to do it from my phone. But it's not working. I will have to try from the computer. Thanks for the information

You can do it from your phone, but the file may be too large. The easiest way to downsize it, at least from an iphone, is to email the picture to yourself, choosing "medium" for size, and save the resulting file when you receive it. Then upload that downsized file.

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Thanks I will try that

In the mean time, I'm sure he is absolutely gorgeous - all Basenji pups are - so tell us his parentage ?

Trying again.
He is from a Breeder in Georgia.


Awww. Love the wrinkles.

Glad you got it figured out. Sweet picture. Handsome boy!

Did he come from Harmony Hounds?

@tanza said in Meet Simba:

Did he come from Harmony Hounds?

ok, I give... how did you guess that?

Harmony Hounds is one of the 2 Breeders that I found in Georgia. So a 50/50 shot at the right answer? 😃

@wynette - There are more than 2 breeders in GA. I was just guessing in looking at the picture. He looks like their breeding. I hope that the sire/dam had been DNA tested for Fanconi and that the owners checked that out to verify at And if not the owners get the DNA test from, it is a cheek swab that owners do themselves. In my opinion this is not a good breeder, produces way to many puppies, prices are way, way to high and Basenjis have appeared in rescue group as the breeders do not take pups/adults back.

I repeat my earlier request. Tell us his parentage so at least we can tell you if they have been Fanconi tested. If not, you should get it done forthwith, as Tanza says. All we need is Mom and Dad.

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I have not been home this week. I will get you the names once I know the exact names. I have heard some troubling things about the breeder after I purchased the puppy in February. But he's a good puppy.

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