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Sire is Dark Moon's Project Mayhem, and dam is Klassic's Merry Jones.😊

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Thanks, all!!! Rocky ... looks as if I have some options here locally, but I will certainly reach out if they fall through. And, yes, he's a Klassic Basenji.:)

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Here's Buxton ...

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Hi, all.:) Sooooo, I'm looking for a possible Basenji sitter for a few days as I'm potentially traveling within the next three weeks. My Buxton is a year old, and, due to these fun COVID times, I've not left him for more than a couple hours since his adoption this past April. I absolutely do not want to board him, and, for peace of mind and heart, I'd prefer to have him in a Basenji home. Buxton is a sweet boy and well behaved, and he'd LOVE to have a playmate for a few days. Anyone relatively close in proximity to Northwest Ohio willing to board my Buxton? If even a remote possibility, please respond to this thread and we can chat by email or phone.:)

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Hey, thanks for the replies, all!!!! Buxton gets LOTS of exercise, and I've tried most of what was suggested. To clarify, the backyard fence is 6' wood privacy, and he escapes by pushing away bricks that I have in place where the fence meets my deck.:/ I do think I have all escape points covered now, but I'm afraid he'll now dig his way out. No UTI, as I had the vet check when he was in last week. Very good thought on the peeing for attention, so definitely going to try the no response tactic. He definitely seems to be taking to his plastic crate (maybe because it's more den-like???), so I will likely start the slow process of enclosing him and leaving for short durations. Can't thank you all enough for sharing all your Basenji wisdom.:)

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Soooooo, Buxton is my first Basenji, and I LOVE him tremendously, as does my family. For the record, I have trained and raised two Labrador Retrievers from a few weeks old, although I do realize Basenjis are a whole different ballgame. To be painfully honest, however, the peeing and anxiety are very much making me question Basenji ownership.:(

Buxton is now four months old, and I've had him since he was just shy of nine-weeks. The separation anxiety was present from the very get-go, and I do realize being home 24-7 the past couple months has certainly not helped with his independence training. Having said that, I cannot even get the mail or step out of the room (tend to keep him in the kitchen area) without him exhibiting anxiety, typically through peeing, scratching at the gate, whining, etc. He loves to be outside (I have a beautiful, fenced-in back yard) but, if he's alone, he has found ways in which to escape, even with preventive measures.

Crate training has been a disaster, as he has hurt himself trying to escape both the wire crate and the perimeter fencing; he actually climbed and jumped over the medium height fence (I believe 38"). I've done the traditional acclimation (feeding him in it, Kong toys with food, short durations in it, etc.), but he still exhibits insanely high anxiety in it. I did just purchase a plastic crate, and he seems to be taking to it better (napping in it).

Regarding the peeing, he clearly knows what to do (I've bell trained him), as most of the day he does well and he sleeps eight-hours through the night without having to go out.The peeing in the house tends to occur in the evening and when my kids are with me (every few days). Buxton seems to pee in the house when he has anxiety (I leave the room), the kids are present (maybe dominance related???), and occasionally for no apparent reason, which is often right in front of me.

Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.:)

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@zande said in Meet Buxton ...:

OK, so he is from this litter - the AKC only has these three registered. Please can you confirm his full (to be) registered name ? Is he to be Klassic's Buxton Beau - or just Buxton Beau ?

 By: Am GDCH Dark Moon's Project Mayhem
 Ex: Am Ch Klassic's Merry Jones (tri)

Klassic's Laika (brindle) - HP593183/01 [B] 26/12/2019
Klassic's Marjani Ferrari Enzo - HP593183/04 [D] 26/12/2019
Klassic's Remington Oliver Lee - HP593183/05 [D] 26/12/2019

Thanks -

Just emailed you, Sally.:)

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And if you're not familiar, Buxton is a village/town in the Outer Banks; I spend three weeks there each summer.:)

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@basenjimom2 said in Meet Buxton ...:

Absolutely adorable ❤

How old is he in this photo? Enjoy Buxton Beau (love that name) while he's young, as he will grow up so fast.

This was taken a couple weeks ago, so roughly 12-weeks.:)

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Thanks, all!!!! Sire is Dark Moon's Project Mayhem, and dam is Klassic's Merry Jones.

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