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Very cute… but don't really think Basenji for a number of different reasons.. that said unless they know what the Dad/Mom are... pups can take on DNA from either or.... regardless, glad that you are giving him a great home!

we have no idea what he is. The rescue told us he is some sort of basenji mix. But they have no idea about the parents either. He was found as a stray when he was maybe 8 weeks old. At the end it doesn't matter what his genetics is, we love his personality!

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Hi congratulations! It is similar to my Ricky, who is also 1 yr old, quiet and sweet (see my post). I am no expert in this matter, but I might guess my Ricky is mixed with lab, and yours seems to have a bit of pitbull?

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Finally I figured out how to post pics!
Ricky has been with us for 2 weeks now. He is such as sweet boy! It took him 2 days to settle–he wasn't eating any other than the treats we offered in the first 2 days. Then he settled down and showed good appetite. He is so skinny, we hope he can gain some weight.

Ricky is special. Not like any dog I have been with. He was quite atheletic, walking very fast. And very very curious. But that is when he's outside. Once in, he has no interest in anything other than us. His favorite activity--actually the only thing he does indoors-is to cuddle. I never seen any creature so craving for affection! No dog, kitten, or human baby comes close! One of the pictures shows how he sleeps: He grabs my wife's hand with his front paws, put his face in the palm, and sleeps like a baby. It really melts our hearts.

All in all it is such a blessing to have him. When we were looking for a dog, especially through the rescues, we were not sure what we would get. But it turns out we couldn't even have prayed for a better one!

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We are going to get our first dog, Ricky, from the shelter, tomorrow. So excited and nervous. He is (according to the volunteers at the shelter) a basenji mix (possibly with lab or hound), 1 yr old. Chestnut color. We fell in love with him at first sight! Hope he'll like us.

Will post some pics later.

Any advice?

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