• Hello. First thing first I would like to say that, I found this forum while searching for something about this breed. So I have zero knowledge about this breed and I think that better I join this forum so as to learn more and maybe can ask a few questions if I lost or something. I came from a "cat person" background, so it might be weird if suddenly to own a dog like this breed. Better for me to get a lot of knowledge before thinking to get another pet.

  • If you are a cat person that gives you a certain insight into Basenjis, as they have a similar attitude. Many dogs want to please their owners. Basenjis are more catlike in their priorities, as in "what's in it for me?" 😉 So you have to be a bit clever in making your idea their idea.

  • Regardless of what you might read... they do shed and they do have dander. So while they might be OK with some people with allergies (depending on the allergies) they are not fool proof in that respect. Basenjis are a hunting breed, what they see they chase...they should never be off lead unless in a secure area. And an open door in your home is an invitation to dart out that door

  • @leyfortyfive My basenjis have always been very cat/dog like. They perch like cats on the back of comfy chairs. They groom like cats, their prey instinct is very cat like. They like sunny spots. I used to buy dog toys but they don’t hold interest for long, so I switched to squeaky mice with strings lol. They much prefer to chase the mouse than play with cat toys. They even kind of hunch themselves up to pounce just like cats do.

    Having said all that, they are dogs and are much more demanding and higher maintenance than a cat. But if you like cats, and can train cats, you should enjoy the challenge of a basenji.

  • Read my 'Put-Off' and other things on my website - they should warn you about what you are thinking of getting into !

  • but they can be the most friendly and devoted dogs, but definitely read the "put off' by Sally. if you satisfy the demands, they are very clean and willing to take their place in your family.

  • Hi, thank you for all the warm welcome and good advice. It's good to know that Basenji personalities close to the cat's style. I'll read the articles later.

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