• Hi everyone. Just signed up tonight. We adopted Addie, a now 9 month old pup, a few weeks ago. The animal shelter called her a shepherd mix, but numerous quirks of hers led me to Basenjis when researching on the internet. She has brought great joy to our home and eight year old son, but has also rocked my world. I didn't realize our "shepherd mix" was going to require sooooooo much attention. She's caught on to family life pretty quick and picks up any training and tricks with very little effort on my part, for which I am thankful. I'm not 100% sure she IS part Basenji, but if the shoe fits...

    I can't wait to learn all I can. Watching her think and figure out how to accomplish her goals is quite entertaining, to say the least.

    Thank you for this site. It's pretty awesome!

  • Oops, Forgot to post pictures...


  • She’s adorable! She looks part basenji. Have fun with your new fur baby. They do like attention but they will love you like no other dog.

  • Hi and thank you for your input. We have definitely found unending, unconditional love in Addie. That's what makes it all worth it. She's really very good. Only chews her toys, not our house. She's 99% house broken and even learned to ring a bell to go out within a few hours of hanging it. She sits, stays, waits, downs, leaves it, shakes, comes like a champ (as long as there's no scent/sight of critters in the air). She just recently learned "time out" because she's very persistent in wanting to jump on/play bite our 8 year old. She immediately goes to her kennel and won't come out until told, even with the door left open. She's a riot because every time she hears us getting ice, she's right there at the ready. She loves frozen green beans and spinach, and my rose bushes, daylillies, hydrangeas, etc. Eats them like salad so I'm working on OUT (of my garden). When walking, she will NOT heal for more than a few seconds, but knows how. I don't feel she's being defiant there, just that we're too slow no matter how fast we are. She walks great with our 8 year old for the most part but he is just as active as her. She brightens my day and exhausts me all at the same time. She fit right in and feels like family from the start and is a perfect match for a little boy's first dog.

    Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it.

  • The obedience thing is the only false note as far as Basenji goes. You are lucky as it seems you have gotten the good traits and missed out on the difficult ones! An obedient Basenji is a joy! I've had them, but it usually takes a great deal of patience and work to get there, as most don't offer it voluntarily.

  • Hi eeeefarm. You are so correct about patience. Just stepped outside for a MINUTE to come in and find her ON my kitchen counter. She does know how to behave, but getting her to CHOOSE to has been, and I'm guessing will continue to always be, a work in progress.

    Thanks for your input. It's much appreciated!

  • Welcome and LOL on the counter. My first 2 got on counters. My current is so big she can stand up and reach what she wants

  • @heidiace My first basenji was a total hellion until I realized she was intelligent and bored...after that she became a model girl as I found ways to keep her engaged, interested and praised all her progress❤ Since then I haven't had problems with my b's or my fosters, as long as I take time to keep them engaged and happy.

  • People always are concerned with physical exercise, but the mental might be even more important. Basenjis enjoy figuring out puzzles, figuring out what will gain them a reward, learning new things (as long as they feel there is something in it for them). My last boy learned the names of his toys. I would hide them and ask him to find them by name. He would search and learned a reward only happened when he retrieved the correct one.

  • My Addie requires constant stimulation. She is a full time job. We play the toy hide and seek game. Then I go through the house hiding treats everywhere so she can have the equivalent to an Easter egg hunt. It's just so non-stop and never ending. How does anyone get housework done? Reminds me of having a toddler again.

  • Totally agree, mind stimulation is critical.

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