• Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are new Basenji owners…and compared to the horror stories I have read, we are in heaven with our little boy Kona! We've had him for about 3 months and he is well on his way to being house-trained and does not seem to have any destructive tendencies...(cross my fingers) Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and that I am excited to talk to other Basenji owners!

  • Hi hows it going! I have a B that kinda sounds like yours. I read alote of horror stories too and I'm just like hu???
    My boy just sits on the couch all day and does not seem to have any interest in being destructive. Its nice to meet another fellow basenji owner who owns an easy one. I love them ALL because they are so cute, but I have one that just does not act like a basenji lol (maybe he takes after me because I'm a slacker haha).
    What color B did you get?

  • Our boy is red and white…he's really beautiful...and I do agree, all Bs are sooo cute! haha That's so funny that yours is good too, actually its refreshing...and I am quite the slacker too (maybe they DO take after their owners) lol

    I was wondering if you stay at home with your B or if you leave him at home by himself? Right now I am at home a lot with him but I have left him for an hour or two a couple times and he has been excellent. Also, if I'm not being too nosey, I wondered if you neutered him yet? I heard that calms him down a lot too...ours isn't yet but we're working on it...haha

  • Welcome! I know you'll find this website both informative and entertaining.

    I agree with you two. My experience with my B has been relatively undestructive. We got her when she was 3 years old, so she had calmed down some. I spend most days working from home and she just sits around in whatever sunny spot she kind find. She does manage to tear up tissues if she can find one. I don't really fuss about that much since I know it could be much worse. I don't leave her unattended in the house, though.

  • Best time to have them neutered is at about 7 to 9 months… gives them time to finish growing up and before they really get "hormone nuts"..... never a good reason to leave them in-tact unless you are a breeder.....

  • Welcome!!!!

  • Hi Meaghanmplatt,
    We both work so I gotta leave the little guy alone during the day and we come home for lunch/ sometimes our dog walker comes by. He's really good about going in his crate now even though he gives me the sad face. It would be nice to work from home though!
    Yes, he's nutered too I rescued him that way so who knows maybe he was a little hell raiser when he was intact 🙂 I'm no expert but we do socialize him ALOTE and take him out to any and ever situation. I think it has helped "him" to be a well rounded basenji. I used to work at a grooming salon and have done some pet sitting in the past and have seen so many dogs that get stressed/scared about so many little things that I really didnt want my dog to end up that way.
    He's not perfect but he's a pretty good boy for the most part. Basenji's are such cool dogs and they are all so different. You know there is a book called The Complete Basenji that has really great info, oh and of course I'm a Cesar fan!

  • Welcome to the forum. I agree socializations is the key. Dash goes everywhere with us except work. He loves to go to my son's soccer and baseball games, the dog park and even to Mc Donalds. I have taken him to kindercare on occasion as well-started when he was a puppy- and he loves to see all the kids. I was told this weekend he was very "people friendly" for a Basenji. Which is odd since when he is off lead at the park he wants nothing to do with people unless they have a treat in their pocket!

  • My B is never alone unless in the car…she has terrible separation anxiety and I have been told she WILL destroy the house...she is adopted from BRAT. Anyway, I just wanted to say welcome...

  • Welcome to the forum, enjoy! Pics of that B?…......:D 😃 😃

  • I have some pics from when we first got the little runt….I need some new ones of him 🙂


  • @meaghanmplatt:

    I have some pics from when we first got the little runt….I need some new ones of him 🙂


    Those are great! Love puppy pictures!

  • Welcome!! And I saw your photo gallery…Kona is a BEAUTY 🙂

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