• Hello! I'm new to the forums. We just acquired our first Basenji. He's 6 months old as of today and we got him a month ago. We are working on potty training, general house manners and rules. We have been to 2 puppy classes at PetSmart to help us in our journey. Dakota joins a 4 year old golden retriever named Boomer and a kitty cat named Punkin. (Haven't introduced him to the kitty yet.)

  • Welcome to the Forums… lots of great information here. If you would care to share where you got Dakota from, we would love to hear....

  • Welcome. Do you have any pictures you can post? Ours was just 6 months old last Friday the 26th. Are you having fun yet? We love watching all things they get into and watching crazy things they do.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Welcome Kynurse, glad to have you here on the forum. I am a newbie as well, my Otis is almost 6 mo, and yes…are you having fun yet? This forum is a wealth of knowledge, so please if you have any questions don't hesitate asking, lots of very knowledgable people are in our pack..

  • We welcome you and Dakota to the forum. It's a great place to learn and share experiences.

  • Welcome to the forum…lots of great info and entertaining stories here. I too have a 6 mo. old pup and 2 - 4 yo. adults. These dogs are addicting as is this forum.

  • Welcome to you and Dakota, post a pic of your baby if you can.

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Welcome to you and Dakota! I also have a 6 month old as of 6/15. Great that you are already in the classes - our little one is also in PetSmart's class - she's real successful at the class, but doesn't always follow through at home - that's the Basenji in them all. Good luck, you will find lots of helpful information on this site.

  • Welcome to our pack! There's lots of great information here and particularly regarding health issues. If your breeder (or whoever you obtained Dakota from) didn't explain about those, then I recommend you check out the health section in this forum.

  • Welcome to the forum! We love pics…..! 😃

  • Welcome to the Forums.

    Our Basenji also lives with a Golden Retriever and they get along great!


  • welcome 🙂

  • Thanks for all the welcomes! I'm trying to get pics posted soon. Dakota got neutered last Friday and I think he's a little miffed. But today he actually "sat" on command! I'm so thrilled. My goldens were so easy to train so this is going to be a challenge for me. I'm already learning that I need to "basenji proof" the house because he's into absolutely everything and then some! I get tickled at him when we are outside because he is SO alert to everything around him. Glad I found these forums–-sonce this is my first Basenji, I need lots of help!

  • Welcome! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you!!

  • A third welcome from the UK - I hope you'll find the forum as intriguing and interesting as I have.

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