Hello! I'm new to the forums. We just acquired our first Basenji. He's 6 months old as of today and we got him a month ago. We are working on potty training, general house manners and rules. We have been to 2 puppy classes at PetSmart to help us in our journey. Dakota joins a 4 year old golden retriever named Boomer and a kitty cat named Punkin. (Haven't introduced him to the kitty yet.)

Welcome to the Forums… lots of great information here. If you would care to share where you got Dakota from, we would love to hear....

Welcome. Do you have any pictures you can post? Ours was just 6 months old last Friday the 26th. Are you having fun yet? We love watching all things they get into and watching crazy things they do.

Rita Jean


Welcome Kynurse, glad to have you here on the forum. I am a newbie as well, my Otis is almost 6 mo, and yes…are you having fun yet? This forum is a wealth of knowledge, so please if you have any questions don't hesitate asking, lots of very knowledgable people are in our pack..

We welcome you and Dakota to the forum. It's a great place to learn and share experiences.

Welcome to the forum…lots of great info and entertaining stories here. I too have a 6 mo. old pup and 2 - 4 yo. adults. These dogs are addicting as is this forum.

Welcome to you and Dakota, post a pic of your baby if you can.

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to you and Dakota! I also have a 6 month old as of 6/15. Great that you are already in the classes - our little one is also in PetSmart's class - she's real successful at the class, but doesn't always follow through at home - that's the Basenji in them all. Good luck, you will find lots of helpful information on this site.

Welcome to our pack! There's lots of great information here and particularly regarding health issues. If your breeder (or whoever you obtained Dakota from) didn't explain about those, then I recommend you check out the health section in this forum.

Welcome to the forum! We love pics…..! 😃

Welcome to the Forums.

Our Basenji also lives with a Golden Retriever and they get along great!


welcome 🙂

Thanks for all the welcomes! I'm trying to get pics posted soon. Dakota got neutered last Friday and I think he's a little miffed. But today he actually "sat" on command! I'm so thrilled. My goldens were so easy to train so this is going to be a challenge for me. I'm already learning that I need to "basenji proof" the house because he's into absolutely everything and then some! I get tickled at him when we are outside because he is SO alert to everything around him. Glad I found these forums–-sonce this is my first Basenji, I need lots of help!

Welcome! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you!!

A third welcome from the UK - I hope you'll find the forum as intriguing and interesting as I have.

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