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We have Kona, he's 5.5 months old.

I just had him at the vet and apparently he lost all his teeth…by what she says? haha

And yes, he also is EXTREMELY energetic...the weather has been cold and rainy the last few days so he has been driving his mommy nearly insane 🙂

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FINALLY!!!! I took Kona to the dog park tonight and he met his first basenji!!!! They played awesome together and Taz's owner was very nice also!!!

This is a picture of a lot of what went on….along with A LOT of running 😃

p.s. Kona is doing the dominance showing haha


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When we got Kona he had a little bit of darker fur around his white markings on his back…well now it is a line the whole way down his back about 2 or three inches wide. Its not that kinda looks like he's just ruffled up haha I just wondered if their coats change at all...he's a little over 5 months old.

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I have also not seen another basenji around…however I have found a lot of excited people to see a basenji in "real-life" hahaa They always get so excited when he is at the dog park 😃

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That is funny! My B just seems to hide this one kind of bone that I give him every time I leave for any long period of time… I don't think he knows that I want him to be occupied while I am gone! haha He waits until I get home and then crawls under my bed and gets his bone to chew on!!!!:)

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I haven't ever seen any other Bs on my walks or in the park but it would be cool if there were!!! I am so excited to go back there…its like a fun place for me too...haha

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Everyday I walk Kona, I walk past a dog park but I have always been hesitant to take him in because there are always so many dogs in there…

Well today it was a little overcast and was sprinkling out so there was only one other dog in there, a golden retriever that was about 8 months old. At first, I kept Kona on the leash so he could sniff and stuff (basically because I was scared, not him, haha). I let him off and they played soooooo well!!! I was so excited! He and the golden took turns chasing each other...he would have out run her if his legs were just a little longer 🙂

Anyway…I'm really excited about this positive experience because he has so much energy and my walks with him tire him, but not enough haha! I'm still only going to take him in when there is only one or two dogs until he gets the idea of what the dog park is.... 😃

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Wow Quercus…that is sooo helpful! Thank you so much for searching that for me!!! I appreciate it so much....if you ever fly into have a place to stay 🙂

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My B's tail uncurls when he is completely passed-out…that's when I know I can mess with him and he won't wake up...hahaha

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