• Hey y'all! I joined this forum in hopes that I could get some insight. This is going to be weird to hear but I do not have a Besenji. I actually have 2 Maine Coon cats that have Fanconis. I've done enough research to know that Besenjis, in particular, are affected by this disease. Cats are not supposed to get it, although I have 2 that proves everybody wrong. We have been dealing-feeding a NO protein food because their kidneys cannot handle protein and supplementing potassium 2x a day every day. If anybody out there has had to deal with this, can you please offer some insight on how quickly the disease progresses, as they age does it get worse, etc…I realize it may be different for cats but I'm just trying to get all the info I can right now. Thank you!

  • Hi, sad to hear about your cats, hopefully you can get some info here that may help. It must make it hard to help your cats when they have an illness that there isn't much info about, hopefully some info on how it effects dogs helps.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • how sad. you're best bet for fanconi may be a fanconi yahoo group. I believe it is a closed list, but I think it'd be worth looking into. Also I think there is a feline kidney yahoo group. the Canine kidney list was so helpful for me when my oldster was diagnosed with (nonFanconi) kidney disease. I wish you all the best.

  • You also might want to have your Vet contact Dr Gonto, who developed the protocol for Fanconi in Basenjis. His email is outdoc@aol.com

  • I don't know anything about Fanconi in cats, but in Basenjis, the disease doesn't always progress quickly. I managed a Fanconi dog for nine years– and he had a good quality of life until near the end (and a lot of that was old age). Start with a complete blood panel and a venous blood gas to see what's going on, then treat according to the values. Dr. Gonto's protocol has been a lifesaver for many; hopefully, it can help you, too. Best wishes!

  • Please, please, have your vet contact Dr. Gonto at outdoc@aol.com
    He is your best hope for help for your fur-babies.


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