• @tanza:

    Can you share their registered names?

    • I'll try get their reg names this weekend when i get to see the puppies 🙂

    Will post puppie piccies after the weekend 🙂 very excited!!!

  • Well, we visited the puppies on saturday 🙂
    6 days old! Their birth date was the 30th of May 2010.

    I didnt take any photos while i was out there, as they pretty much looked the same as the day old photo i received, except bigger and their ears were slowly coming up.

    Thought id share the 1 day old photo with you all:

    arent they just "Awww worthy" 😃

    NB: photo not mine but belongs to the breeder.

  • Hi Lysh,

    Very cute… Just looking at that pic makes my heart skip a beat, cos I know I have less than 3 weeks till I have some of them, (so long as everything goes well, of course !!!)...

    Which one do you have your eyes on ???

    Did you find out the registered names of Ma and Pa ???

  • Gorgeous babies, have you any idea which you are having?

  • So cute!! Aren't Basenji babies just amazing!!!

  • First Basenji's

    Their ears start out so tiny and nubbular!

  • First Basenji's

    I can't wait until you take her home and have adventures to share with us. And of course more photos…🆒

  • Houston

    Oh, so cute..I can't wait to hear of her coming home to you and all of y'alls adventures..I got to admit..I am a teeny tiny bit jealous…

  • Hey, no i havent picked one yet, too hard to at that age!

    The breeder is getting the pick of the litter and i get second choice. I'll prolly have some idea after next weekend when i see them. They will be 3 weeks old then!

    This litter is the "Z" litter. We get to help with registration name for our little miss. So if anyone has any fancy names beginning with "Z" - fire away! Would love to hear 🙂


    Did you find out the registered names of Ma and Pa ???

    No my brain went to mush as i played with the little ones and forgot all about it, however i did email her and ask 🙂 so i will let you know when i get a reply.

  • Looking forward to hearing about the Ma and Pa…

    Have fun this weekend with them, hope you get an idea on which one just might be coming home with you ;)...

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