• Hi everyone! My name is Heather, I am 23 years old. I am happily married to a man in the US Military. We have a 1 1/2 year old son. I go to school full time to become a Nurse soon.

    We just got a dog today and might i say we love her already! We were told she was a shepard mix which I dont believe one bit! We adopted her from the local humane society after a long battle to get her. We spent over 45 min with her making sure she would be good with our son and then saw that she possibly had ring worm. Well turns out she probably has that and the Humane Society said that I couldnt adopt her! I asked if they were going to treat her ring worm and if I could come back later in the week to get her. We really liked her and she did good with my son. Well they said No, i said what are you going to do with her then, they told me put her to sleep!!!!! I said NO!!!!! I asked if I agreed to get her treated on my own if i could adopt her and they didnt really have a problem with that. SO now she is save at our house and will be going to see a Vet on Tuesday. I know she isnt a PURE Basenji but there is a good ammount in her I believe since I had a mixed before. So I hope to get to know everyone and learn more about her breed

    Here is a picture of her:(we havent chossen a name yet)

  • Bless you for helping this little girl out and taking her in. I agree that she certainly looks like she has basenji in her. Looking forward to hearing more….especially as those Basenji traits start making their appearance.

    Keep us informed and check in often. Welcome to our group.


  • Welcome and thanks for be persistent with the H.S. people (and tell your husband a great big thanks for serving). Feel free to ask questions (we have tons of collective experience here) and share stories of her inevitable antics.

  • She is very pretty. Very lucky to have you.

    We are very happy to have you with us.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome!! Please post more pictures!! From the first pic, she looks like she might have some boxer too… But could just be the angle of the picture. 🙂 So glad to have you!

  • Hello & welcome to the forum

  • Seems every brown dog…or dog with brown.... that hits a shelter is listed as "shepherd mix", LOL regardless of what they look like.

    She's adorable! Looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing your stories as her personality develops!

  • Welcome! She looks like maybe a staffie bull mix?

  • I also thought boxer when I saw her, especially with the large ears. I don't see shepherd in her AT ALL.

  • I am so glad that you were able to talk the H.S. into letting you take her and treat her, you really saved her life. I know that she is going to bring you years of joy and happiness in return.

    Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum! You'll love it here!

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Oh my goodness, I am so glad you were persistent and they did not put her down. She is such a fine looking dog! I think I see the boxer/basenji similarities, and if so… I am jealous since these are my two most favorite breeds!!!:D

  • BTW, 😕 what's her name? And… welcome to the forums!:D:D:D

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