• I just discovered the forum through a friend. We brought home our first basenji a little over 7 years ago. He was a much anticipated Christmas gift for our son who had researched the breed and set his heart on a basenji. He named him Tucker and he made short work of enchanting us and changing our lives forever. When Tuck was 5 mo old we brought home 4 mo old Milly to be a playmate for him. I came across a picture one day of a brindle and voiced my delight and desire to someday have one of my own. In a chance meeting at a show my husband set in motion making that a reality for me despite my proclamation we really didn't need another puppy right then. I stand today corrected as Presley and I were meant to be together.

    We enjoy showing in conformation. Tucker (Red) became Ch. Birchs I'm A Dream Come True 5/05, Milly (Red) became Ch. Lacada's Energizer Bunny 10/06 and Presley (Brindle) became Ch. Jazzeta's I Was The One JC 7/07. My husband decided he needed a new show puppy. So in March of 2008 Lola (Black) joined the family. We were thrilled to announce we were 4 for 4 when Lola became Ch. Signet Dangerous Liaison 2/10. We have yet to breed a litter but haven't ruled out that possibility at some point in the future. Right now we are simply enjoying life with 4 curly tailed clowns running through our home and grateful for the wonderful friends these magical creatures have brought into our lives.

  • Welcome to the forum. Lovely photos!:)

  • HI EVA and welcome!!!! Glad to see you here….

  • Welcome to the group, hope to see you at the Wichita show before Gambit is all grown up

  • What a lovely household you have.

  • HEY! I haven't seen you guys in a while. I'm glad you found the forum. I finished Zest and am focusing on agility now, so haven't done the conformation stuff since September when Z finished

    –Kim with
    Digital the brindlewonderkid
    Jet the trying
    and Zest! Superstar in training

  • Houston

    Hi and Welcome to you all..looks like you have a lovely pack.

  • Welcome to the forum! You need a Tri and you'll be all set! 😃

  • hi Eva, what a lovely group of basenjis you have! Happy to have you here with us.

  • Welcome to the forum, Eva!

  • Hi Eva!! I am so glad you are here 🙂

  • Thank you everyone for the welcome and the compliments. We think they are all pretty special. Tucker is our wise one and the sweetest boy you could ever meet. He can open just about anything he sets his mind on. I have more child saftey equipment in my home now than I did raising my 4 2 legged kids. Milly's petite features fool many. Lets just say the cats in the neighborhood no longer use our backyard as a short cut. But we love our dainty demon. The Best word to describe Presley is BRAT. He would be perfectly content if he and I were stranded on an island. He thinks I hung the moon which in turn causes me to think the stars spell out his name. LOL Then we have our black baby Lola….Lola thinks life is a party and she is the guest of honor. I spend most of my day picking up things and asking myself Where did she or how did she find this to drag out? She loves purses and snoops through any that she finds unattended regardless of where they are or who they belong to, judges bags not withstanding. As for needing a Tri... My husband would love one someday and maybe when the time comes for a new addition we will, but that won't be anytime soon. I will be honest and say that I lean another direction.

  • Well got to say, love that black basenji. But actually they are all very cute. Nice to meet you all.
    FoPaw's Basenjis

  • Hi Eva, welcome to the forum!


  • Hi Eva, Welcome!

  • @nobarkus:

    Welcome to the forum! You need a Tri and you'll be all set! 😃

    EXACTLY what I was thinking! lol The missing color was obvious! Poor Tris!

    Welcome to the forum.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    EXACTLY what I was thinking! lol The missing color was obvious! Poor Tris!

    Welcome to the forum.

    I guess I will share a picture of my tri by proxy! Vesper lives in Illinois. We share grooming space with her every chance we get, We have made numerous social trips to her house and she to ours. She even spent a week at our house without her family. This is Presley and Vesper sharing an x-pen at a picnic.

  • Welcome to the Forum Eva…you have a wonderful pack of Bs!

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