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Check for a cracked tooth.

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i see more spanish spaniel than basenji.

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My bet is Samoyed

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Jellybeans. That was the key to my crate training my son's basenji. NOT black jellybeans, they stink. Cinnamon is not a favorite. The dog only gets jelly beans in the crate. Even today, if we have workmen in and I need to crate, she knows by the jelly beans that all is well, and she calms (but still is vocal - she is a Basenji after all 🙂

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In our county your dog has to pass "good neighbor" training which my BJ failed. I have a registered service dog, but the BJ is far more attentive. In our state there is a growing trend to cut down on "internet certified" dogs, so I choose not to go that route.

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Did you check for connected toes?

Also, I would like to know a reputable dog DNA company who includes Basenji in their database.

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My intro to this breed was a dog that would not crate train.
I used an open crate. I used jelly beans which could only be found in the crate. If there was noise, i threw a blanket over the crate. It took time, I only had the dog in the crate while i was there. Eventually, I got the amount down to 2 jelly beans.

Sorry, this dog was a tail chaser when I got her. Would not even look you in the face, let alone watch for commands. I picked her up a lot. Sometimes would turn her upside down.

It took me 2 years, training at least twice a day to get her mellowed out and some of that you can credit to aging.

Still will look for that jelly bean when i instruct her to get in her cage, but she uses it on her own now without a bribe.

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Ours were raise with three cats. Two who were hand fed (both rescues). They all "respect" each other.
Our third cat is part Savannah according to the vet. The cat weighs over 25 lbs and is an accomplished hunter. The only issue those two had is when the BJ tried to take away a rat. The cat won that argument but did leave the tail for the dog. Those two wrestle. Other Bj owners have posted similar photos, the only difference is that with the Savannah mix, the dog and cat are closer in weight.

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