• Hello all,

    I was wandering the web looking at Basenji pictures and found this site. Fantastic! We lived with at boy and a girl for 16 and 15 years respectively :eek: After about a year of recovery/mourning we are getting back into the fray. Adopting a 3 year old retired show dog this May and will probably get a puppy next winter.

    I'm looking forward to this community and living with Basenjis again!

    Tom :rolleyes:

  • Wonderful, welcome to the forums!!! And welcome back into life with a Basenji!:D I can't wait to see pictures when you get your new family member!!!:D:D:D

  • Hello and welcome to the forum! 🙂

  • Welcome to our group. Keep us informed when you get your new beastie!

  • Welcome Tom. Your basenjis were beautiful, thanks for sharing the photos. Can't wait to see photos of your new basenji.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Welcome Tom,
    I live in NJ,where are you?
    Maybe we can hook up.

  • Welcome, lots of nice folks here.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome Tom. Condolences to you on your loss of your old ones.

    Best wishes with your pending adoption of a new B. kid as well.

  • @Jaroufa:

    Welcome Tom,
    I live in NJ,where are you?
    Maybe we can hook up.

    Hello Jaroufa,

    We live up in Califon, North of Clinton. Is this fate or what!

    Delta's full name, our black and white, was Jaroufa's Five Star Flight!

    So I believe it was many years ago when we first met.

    Thank you for letting us share the life of such a wonderful Basenji!


  • Many thanks to everyone here!

    It is nice to find such a welcoming community :).

    I am jumping the gun a bit, but I will try to insert a photo of our new Boy at 2 years old. Less than 60 days to go!


  • He's beautiful! Welcome to the forum!

    Michelle and Tayda and Lenny in CT

  • Welcome… he is very handsome

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • He is such a handsome guy!!!:D

  • Welcome to the site, Tom. We're sorry to learn of your loss, but really happy you are going to be getting another B. Be sure to post pictures when you have one. You'll probably be a valued member here, with so much experience in dealing with Basenjis.

  • What a handsome boy!

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Good looking boy you have there. Sorry about your loss of the other 2. I'm sure you also have a wealth of info to share - having had those 2,


  • The glorious day has arrived. Leo flew into LaGuardia from Canada and has been living with us for a week. Three years old and what a sweet B!:)

    He was a little nervous at first but seems to be settling in well. We're giving him lots of exercise and introducing him to the area. He is determined to catch a deer.

    He already has decided on a favorite couch and the bed near the sun!:D

    Life is Good!

  • Aww - he looks like such a sweetie!

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