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He's very CUTE! - Love those brown eyebrows on Tri-colored basenji's faces- sweet expression : ) Most definately …AWwwww!!

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So Sorry to hear of your pups bad luck with thier first homes.

Some people when purchasing this breed really do not read or understand the dog personality they are taking in. It is best that your babies get re-odopted by someone/family that can really appreciate them.

For example- my Star(blk/wht female- who I rescued)had a horrific beggining as a puppy….she was first purchased by a family that had 3 small toddler children and the father came from the oldschool of beating the dog for missbehaving...well you can image what happened to her personality...she became very agressive and was constantly kenneled by this family and they were going to put her down- but my dog trainer/sitter rescued her from this family and her death
(and had even recommended to this family in the first place - that a basenji really is not a dog for their type of family-with such young/small kids)-
and she worked with reconditioning Star and rebuilt up her trust in people(kids & men) again...
and then she found me on Nov2002- when I was boarding my Basenji(Spike-red/wht male) and my Angus(a boarder collie/lab) for Thanksgiving that year-
I fell in love with her - or she actually fell in love with me- she practically jumped into my amrs when meeting her for the first time - which my dog trainer/sitter stated was highly unsual for the breed.

She is my snuggle girl, very loving & sweet(even though at time can be an Alpha-B at times).....
I just wished I had gotten her in the very beginning so that this other family had not given her such an awful start as a young puppy. But she has been a very good girl for me and I give her a good life now...she is now treated as the pampered little princes she think she is ; ) she's my little snuggle girl at night in bed with me...and I would be lost without her.

She still does not like men or small children that much and her hackles still raise in anticipation- but she is very good and does not get aggressive- but I do keep a very short leash on her and ask people not to pet her- because I just don't know how she'd react to strangers and I do not want an incident of her bitting. She has been the best dog I could have in a Basenji breed...along with my Spike(who passed on at age 12 in 2010...still very much missed).

These dogs are very unique and special and need very unique/special owners...they are not the regular run of the mill type dog...and need good homes with proper understanding of the breeds temperment/personality and be able to give the right kind of care & training - positive re-inforcement/bribes; ) work best in getting a loved basenji to do better in training ; ) at least it's worked with my Star & Spike.

I cant imagine owning any other type of breed. Hope your babies have good homes & the love they deserve- BIG HUGS to your puppies & you!

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Thank you both( agilebasenji & dcmclcm4 ) your shared information is extremely helpful- I really apreciate the insight. THANK YOU-THANK YOU !!!

I had my girl(Star) at the Demotologist Vet back in April/May- and the tests for Cushing's disease were negative- the vet said she has never seen more normal hormone ranges from the Cushings tests she put my Star through….which was a relief. So she felt the hair loss was due to some "light/seasonal" alopecia - and to use the meletonine to re-grow her hair. Which I followed and did for her...The vet said that after the 4-6wks after her hair comes back that I should/can stop the meletonine(so that it would still work the next time she may have a bout of alopecia - if she should need it). It's been 6wks and her hair has come in lovely- and it is a much softer coat- looks & feels like velvet and has a nice sheen...her black is nice & dark and her white - is bright-white...she's looking beautiful again.

I will buy some of those test strips today- so I can test her pee on a regular basis...and will be ordering that DNA test. I want to keep her as healthy & long as possible...I am so glad to hear that there is possibility of them lasting up to 16/17yrs old- that make my heart very happy : )

Agilebasenji, is the food you feed- brand called "Taste of the Wild"? What brand of food do you use? I will try googling it- to find it for my baby 🙂 thanks for the input. And what protien levels or measurements in the food should I look for when purchasing dog food??

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!…..That Profile pic of your baby is SO Cute- love those Big Radar Dish Ears ; ) he's adorable !!! and I am sure he will be a good boy for you- just shower him with lots of squeezes/hugs & Kisses and snugglebug your baby ; )

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Thank You Tlish!! - That is so helpful!!! I appreciate the link and will go there now. Thank you so much.

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Thanks for all the feedback ; )

I really have fallen in love with this breed… and cannot see having any other type of breed/dog. I love how clean they are and look. The basenji breed does not get that dusty/matt hair look that other breeds get when they age. They always seem to look sharp and well groomed ; ) Even my Spike on his last day - someone thought he was a puppy - because his coat look so fresh/good and his stature/size.

My Star loves to dress up & the camera- she such a "poser" ; ) it makes me laugh. These dogs can be such characters & have such expressive peronalities - there's more going on in those little brains of theirs - just wish they could talk ; )

She love the attention and will dress up like this for Halloween (we both put on "witch" costumes) when I pass out the Trick-o-Treat candy at my door.

And She even kept this costume on the whole time we walked in La Grange's Pet Paradein 2003(La Grange, IL - every 1st weekend in June) - she struts her stuff and carries on such an air- It makes me chuckle; ).

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Have another question??
How, where can you get for Fabconi Syndrom DNA testing? Would my regular vet do this/order it -from a regular blood draw? I researched and see all kind of postings from the breeders that they test their basenjis for this to give the outcome of the genetics for the puppies…. but cannot find any info on how to order it or how much it costs?
Is this something I could get from my own regular vet?

??Is it worth doing since my girl is already 8/9yr. old(she was fixed when I rescued her so this would not be for breeding concerns)- but was curious if this type of test would be availalbe to me(a non-breeder) so I could know if she was going to come down with this disease in the future or not.... just trying to be ahead of the issue - if at all possible, since she was a rescue and I dont have any "linage papers" on her to know if she's fanconi positive or not.

So far all her kidney function test and other lab work on her come back in normal ranges..and I have her tested for her T-4Thyroid issue and her kidney function every 6months to make sure she's healthy- and so far,knock-on-wood...she's been ok.

Just trying to be as pro-active in her health care as possible- but without being too over reactive/crazy. I just want to give her the best-longest life outcome as possible- as much as I can...and not have any regrets that I did not do something that could helped her longevity outcome.

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Well that helps me sleep better at night- in hopes that I might be lucky enough to have my Star up to 15/16 years old….
I am always in dread waiting for the other shoe to drop- knowing the potential health issues they can run into....
I felt so cheated that my Spike only made it to 12- and was surprised that it was from a brain tumor.
When researching the breed - I was convinced that I would have to go through the sad experience of loosing them to kidney failure at some point- but am happy to hear that some can live as long as 15yrs. and be free of this unfortunate disease if they happen to be lucky enough to have missed that health bullet.

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Solid Gold Health - Holistique Blendz Adult Dog (fish) ( -a blend for senior dogs since she is 8/9years old and a tad chunky/overweight by 3lbs(28lbs).

I use to feed her Canadea-Senior fomula - but the petshop that I got it at closed and had to go to PetCo near my house and changed her to this holistic food since they did not carry Canadea.
Thanks for the reply : ) much appreciated.

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Thanks Everyone for all your Welcome : )

Do have a question- how long do Basenjis live on average…I have heard from some that the max is/was 17 yrs. and on the low side if they have kidney issues from 9-10yrs.?

I take very good care of my doggies- have blood test every 6mo. for Thyroide and kidney function (to make sure all is good) so far my baby Star is doing well...

Had a strange blowout/shed this end of winter/spring where she was looking patch/bald- alopecia thinning along her flanks and head near her ears....took her to the Demotologist Specialist Vet(Dr. Karen Khul) at the Buffallo Grove IL -Vetinarian Speciallist Group and spent $400 to get her checked out for any issues with Cushing's Disease and luckily she tested neg.- her hormone response was very normal- and then spend $350 on an UltraSound to check out her organs to make sure there were no tumors present on the adrenal gland/or/ liver and all looked good/ the Dr. Khul(Dermotologist) recommended to have her take Meltonine(3mg.) tablet 2x/day for 4-6 weeks and now after the 6weeks her hair is all back and is super soft- even softer than what she had before- is that normal for basenjis....has anyone else had any strange shed-outs with their babies this year with the harsh winter and Hot-hot summer? Thank you : )

I just want to make sure I am doing everything possible to keep my baby as healthy as possible.

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