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Nataly and the Chinese Crested Dog "Herrman"

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Yes, they mostly are all sold before being born. Good breeders make sure they have a waiting list before breeding 😉

If you like Popi, just send Asa an email. She's very nice and also active in the club. I'm sure you are more than welcome to visit! I'm waiting for my puppy to be born next week and mommy-to-be is a half-sister of Popi 🙂

?sa was one of the breeders I emailed with questions and I got great help from her so I have emailed her was I can do for the dog and little of how the life is for a dog in my family so I hope I fit as a basenji owner to one of her pups and I hope it is a girl left for me 😉

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I do the same 😉

But my dream was that I had a really big Basenji.. Like 2 meters high and big as hell haha 😃
And then I couldn't get him inside cuz he didn't get through the door! 😃 😃 😃

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Sounds great! Have you already decided on a breeder?

No, I was looking for a forum in sweden there I can learn mor about the breed and get to know the breeders and the type of dog they breed, if its more working, more humanfrendly, more hunting and so on but its hard when I don't have anyone that I know with the breed.

But i Really like Popi from EE, the same breeder as your Tillo.

But I really whant a girl and they are hard to get here. Everyone seams to be sold before they are born haha 😃

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I think its most boys too. 😃

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Great! 🙂

Yes, they was lovley 🙂
I have now decided that in the year 2012 It gonna be a Basenji in my little pack.
If I had the choice I will have a Back and White girl or a Brindle Girl I think 😃

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All people that has a blog on that site is down right now..

It is written on there login site that the have a problemen and working on it so I hope they fix it soon 🙂
Its a big site with a couple thousand blogs so they will fix it soon I hope 🙂

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Me neather for some reason.. I could just a few minutes ago. Weard..
It looks like the website that I had them on have some problems..

You can also look at them here when the website starts to work again:

It always has to crash just when I need it to work..

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