• My 8 year old Basenji has STOPPED eating! Tuesday she threw up / Wed was fine; Thursday laid in her spot all day & threw up 3 times; Vet on Friday & did all kinds of tests & cannot find anything wrong! No blockages as they did a Barium test & all was OK. Friday didn't eat all day / Saturday still wont eat (not even hamburger!) Any suggestions / ideas?😕

  • Did they do full blood work? I have had ones done with Barium, but with ultrasound showed a blockage that needed surgery. The biggest clue was the results of the blood work…..

  • Was a full blood panel done? Any diarrhea?

  • @nobarkus:

    Was a full blood panel done? Any diarrhea?

    Hmmm Dan, you and I are on the way wave …... I don't trust anything until I have seen a full blood panel... and not eating for that many days with throwing up, in my mind would be a red flag to do an ultrasound....

  • @tanza:

    Hmmm Dan, you and I are on the way wave …... I don't trust anything until I have seen a full blood panel... and not eating for that many days with throwing up, in my mind would be a red flag to do an ultrasound....

    I think we posted at the same time! 😃 I cannot think a vet would say everything seems OK. Agree Pat on the ultrasound. Could it be poisoning! Do you have mushrooms in your yard?? I would take your Basenji to the emergency right now.

  • I agree, at the very least she probably needs fluids.

  • Well, I have one here who was a little off her food on last Saturday and Sunday. Monday was lethargic and would not eat. Bowel movements were normal. Off to the vet, full blood work and exam. Slightly dehydrated so we gave fluids. She came home wolfed down her bland food. Bloodwork came back normal. Appetite slowly waned through the week. Friday back to vet but this time she had some foul smelling poop. So we are waiting for a fecal but with the holiday won't get a result until Monday. A quick ultrasound didn't show anything abnormal. She is currently taking some broad spectrum antibiotics since there is no specific indication about what is wrong. She is back to wolfing down her bland food. We will see how things go from here.

    So if they haven't done bloodwork that is really important to check organ function since if liver or kidneys are are off they will often go off their food. Ultrasound will also show issues with organs or possible blockage. Also, if she has become dehydrated then that needs to be treated.

  • How is your b doing today?

  • Yeah I'd have the dog in the vets, ivs and nutrition pumped in and full panel run. This is truly life threatening.

  • I wouldn't wait another day if she's not eating yet - please take her back to the vet at the earliest.

  • Thank you all for your thoughts & concern. They did do an ultrasound also & all checked out OK ~~ Getting her to drink water & some milk last night. Woke up OK this morning & took her for a VERY SHORT walk (about 16 feet) She came back in, went to all of her favorite places in the house & I had my other girls talk/pet her (just in case) & after her favorite (the 3 year old) gave her a kiss on the head I took about 1 min with her & she took 3 breaths & passed away @ 3:30 today. 😞

  • How heartbreaking, i am so sorry.

  • Oh, I am so sorry.

  • Houston

    Oh my..I am so sorry..what in the world happened to her? My deepest condolences to you and your whole family.

  • Oh no, I'm very sorry for your loss. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

  • How shocking… I am sincerely sorry for you and your families loss- please keep us in mind if you need comforting

  • First Basenji's

    I'm so sorry to hear about this…

  • Very sad to read that. Really sorry about your loss. Was it an older Basenji?

  • Wow, I wasn't prepared for your updated post maggieleahy. I know there is nothing anyone can do or say to help your broken heart right now…..but I bet your sweet girl she knew much you love her.
    Please take care
    (forever "Einstein's" mom)

  • Oh, Maggieleahy, I am so sorry about your loss. Your girl knew how loved she was by your family; please take comfort in the fact that she was with the ones who loved her most when she left this world.

    I lost my Lucy unexpectedly last April, and like you, it was a sudden shock. I still cry for my girl, and I mourn her loss…. they say time heals, but that's later. Grieve and cry, and wish she was still with you... In spirit, she is still there, curled in her favorite spot, basking in the sunshine.

    Hearts and Hugs to you and your family, my friend.

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