• Just wondering if anyone has had this happen with other dogs or other animals? We have an older elkhound (13)who has recently been diagnosed with CDS, cognitive dysfunction syndrome aka doggie alzheimer's. He gets confused and sometimes lost in the yard. There is no cure for this and will only progress, it breaks my heart that this guy I've had since 6wks of age will grow to no longer know me. A wonderful thing has happened with our basenji's. They are 3 & 4 years old a tri girl and R/W boy. When they go out with the elkie and he is having a bad day memory wise they will escort him in and out. If they come back in and he has not followed they will go and get him till he comes back in with them. They both do this with him, its like they know when he needs help I am totally amazed by their caring of him. They will help him navigate the yard too. Of course they still run the 500 thru the house and box his face which annoys him but when he needs help they are truly basenji's to the rescue

  • I wish.

    Gypsy is getting old and having more problems – sometimes loses her balance, etc. -- and in response Jazzy is getting meaner to her.
    When the dogs are outside, Jazzy will wait on the porch for Gypsy. When Gypsy approaches the porch to come in, Jazz will run out growling and starting biting at her face. I've been able to curb it a little by letting Gypsy in, and then shutting the door and making Jazzy wait and sit before letting her in.
    Little things like that... Although other times she will curl up with Gypsy and sleepthere's never any kindness shown; Jazzy bosses her around more than ever, often even chasing Gypsy off of her bed so that Jazzy can lie down on it {I always make Jazzy get back off and let Gypsy back on}, even though Jazzy has a chair and her own bed.

    It makes me sad.

    Keoki on the other hand, seems quite oblivious and treats Gypsy the same as always. While those two never snuggle up, they are play-time buddies. Gypsy livens up a good bit when Keoki invites her to play.

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