• Today is the first nice day in New York City in a very long time. My Lillie was hanging out in my backyard and brought some of her toys outdoors. I always check on her every few minutes. I noticed she brought her fuzzy ball outside and went to check on her. She was underneath my deck stairs. My phone rang and the next thing I knew she was on my deck licking her paw. When I went over to her it was bleeding. I brought her in the house and tried to look at her paw but it was bleeding alot. Of course I panicked, called the Doctor and I was told to bring her right over, which I did. Well, 2 stitches inside and 3 outside on the pad of her front left paw. I am heartbroken! She will be on antibiotics and painkillers for 2 weeks. She has an E-Collar and a pink bandage. The receipt from the vet stated "NO DIGGING FOR LILLIE".

    Any suggestions on stopping a basenji from digging? Should I get a pen and confide her to a certain section? I'm thinking I will let her go in my backyard (when she is healed) but I will never leave her alone. As soon as she is finished running around I will bring her in the house.

    I am so sad - Lillie is laying on my bed making the strangest noises and she is looking sad also. I know she is still groggy from the anesthesia. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for listening.

    Jodie 😞

  • What was she digging in? Can you tell?…. What is under the deck stairs that she was digging in? I think you have to start there... typically Basenjis are not really diggers unless there is something there, like a critter.... and if digging in dirt, that would not have cut her pads.... If you can figure out what/why she was digging you can correct that problem...

  • I do agree with Tanza that yous hould check what is under the deck stairs that cause her booboo. My B loves to dig so I think you should check out what can hurt Lillie in case she is inclined to be a digger like my B. Hope she feels better. Give her lots of hugs and kisses.

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