• Hi, I just had a ridiculous situation happen. I was going to take my birth control pill for today and after taking it out of the package I set it on the counter while I got some water. Well, my basenji jumped up and actually got it! She got almost half of it, but luckily spit the rest of it out. I called the emergency vet in a city near me, and they said such a small amount shouldn't hurt her, but if I wanted to be 100% certain I could call poison control, but that would cost $55. Do you think its necessary to call or shouldn't I worry? She only got barely half of one pill.
    THanks for any advice!

  • You can always do the Proxide ….. a couple of tablespoons will bring everything up....
    But I would think she will be OK....

  • Oah boy!
    I agree with Pat, try to get you Basenji to puke it up as soon as possible before the pills settle and break down in its little belly. If that doesn't work than i'd take your B to the vet. Thats quite a bit of hormones all at once. The last week of birth control pills are just sugar pills. How many total did your B injest?
    Good luck and i'll keep my fingers crossed that everything turns out ok.

  • Please let us know what happened????

  • I used to take hormone replacement therapy. I actually accidentally gave my B one of my pills by mistake (they were close in size/color to his thyroid pills, and I had all of our daily meds on the same kitchen counter). My vet said not to worry about it. Max was fine…... but I don't think HRT pills have as much hormone as birth control....

  • Well, Tosca is just fine I think:) I was kinda worried last night, as the emergency vet said it would probably be ok since she only had half a pill, but they said I could call poison control to be sure. Well, that was going to be pretty expensive (55) so I wasn't too crazy calling about half of a pill, plus she seemed ok, and the vet seemed pretty confident. Then this morning I was a little worried again because she wouldn't eat more than about half her food, which is extrememly unusual, she usually gobbles it right up! But I had to go to work, and I called our usual vet on the way and they said it shouldn't be a problem. Luckily, now that I am home tonight she seems fine:)
    Thanks for the suggestions, we just got Tosca in Feb and this is the first time I have ever had a dog ( I was deathly scared of them as a kid) but she really has grown on me, she is so sweet, and not like a normal dog.

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