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Hi we have an 14 yr old female who is getting to the point where she can't hold her pee…she is peeing un-announced...on her bed...on furniture....

What can we do if anything?

We let her often...even after she relieves herself outside...she will do it again right after coming in

Advice please

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Hi. I have five year old male basenji. All of sudden he stated eating his own poop. I try to clean the yard as often as I can but the minute I let him out he goes searching.

1. What could be the reason?
2. What r the risks?
3. How to stop this behaviour ?

Thanks in advance

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Well, i have crate for each one of them in one room and they sleep/rest in their. The crates are never closed….i guess its time to buy blankets or towels in bulk and see what happens.

they dont get to sleep with cause the 12yr old female gets very possessive and pees and also insists on my wife not sleeping in the same

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Ok everyone i need help. My 4yr old Basenji cant get enough of ripping/destroying his bedding. I always wash them, spray them and even roll around on them to put my scent on them….and nothing helps. One night on them and its gone. He will rip them shreds. Its not only annoying but expensive.

Both basenjis get lot of play, activity and excercise.

Any help would be appreciated


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she is in great health…does look or act like 12yr old. Her diet is great...she doesnt drop food...has no issues chewing...but i her gum do bleed a bit when i brush them and beginning to notice bad breath.

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Hi. My 12 yr old female used to let me clean her teeth regularly but that has changed n the last year. She needs a professional cleaning BUT im really concerned about Anesthesia Risks at this age.

Any suggestions and/or opinions???

Thanks in advance

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Hi all. My both Basenjis have on RAW DIET for over a year now and they are doing great. We actually swear by it cause of the amazing change we have noticed in our 12yr and 3yr old.

My wife and I recently purchased the best blender ever…VITAMIX and has changed our smoothies...fruits smoothies...fruit & veg icecream....fruit & veg soups. Boy do we feel great.

But thats not what my post is about 🙂 We were thinking if it has made that much difference to us then WHY NOT FRUIT AND/OR GREEN SMOOTHIES FOR OUR BASENJIS.


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Hi Kipawa, as i understand you live around cloverdale area…I live in surrey and have been looking for Lure activity for my basenji who loves chasing and being chased. I think it would be a great fun for me. If you could provide me with some info on this please.
thanks in advance

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Hi. We have an option of buying either 10lb bulk or 50lb. You do save a little bit of $ money buying 50lb but we dont have a seperate freezer either. We have two Bs and it cost us $60/month….thats not bad at all. Not worried about the bones...they are crushed with meat and the veggies.
And it doesnt take much time...we have 1lb bricks. We leave one in the fridge overnight to thaw...and just feed them in the morning:)

We have noticed a great difference in our babies since switching to raw food

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Hi 11yr old and 3yr old basenjis have right eyes watering. Its started happening about 2 weeks ago for the 11yr old one but 3 days ago for the younger one. Any ideas? Im taking them in to see the vet on friday but wanted to gather some info here first.

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