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Hello guys, pippa is amazing! she have her full confidence now and is learning super quickly 🙂

Thank you all for your help!

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@zande Great thank you! I will check with him and contact you privately 🙂

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@Aileen Thank you for your constructive answer. First of all I thought this forum was a support forum not a judgement one and I am surprised and shocked at some of the answer.
Indeed, before adopting Pippa, my wife and I did a lot of research and chose to adopt her knowing all the responsibility that would come with her. We really love her and will do everything to make this adaptation period a very joyful experience.

Yes it is true, it is our first basenji and the comparison with Biggy is inevitable. Anyway @Aileen you are the only one who got back to me constructively and I will update you on our day to day life with Pippa (last night was amazing by the way).

You are right, she still have some accidents because this environment is still new for her. Based on your advice I will start back crate training today (not for sleeping she loves her bed 🙂 )but for her to have her own special place during the day.

Thank you again for your support. I hope this group will be less judgemental and more constructive in the future.

Have a good day everyone!

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@eeeefarm You are right she is totally different from Biggy. However I prefer for her to get used to sleeping between the rooms rather than in the rooms. That way she can start her day earlier interacting with other members of the family 🙂

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Hello everyone,

We have just received pippa (1 week ago), our 4 months old basenji, and things are getting out of control. She comes from a very reputable breeder in France along with her sister Laika (adopted by my fried Sam also member in this forum) and was raised in a very healthy environment. At first things were amazing until she gained confidence.

At first I tried to crate her but it was impossible as she was crying and screaming and started hurting herself. so she started sleeping in my room in her bed on the floor. Then progressively, day after day, i pushed her bed until it was outside of my room which was the objective. However it is still impossible for me to close the door as she starts screaming. Given the fact that I am a very light sleeper, she wakes me up very early and starts being destructive before anyone else is awake. It was never the case before with Biggy my french bulldog who died a year ago and use to wait in his bed calmly before all the members of the family wake up.

On another hand, when she arrived she seemed to be very clean, only doing her needs outside. Today, despite the fact that someone take her outside every 2 hours, she keeps on peeing and pooping everywhere!

Please help as she is getting more troublesome day after day!

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