Hope everyone is well, this is my most recent stumper. I have to return to the states this July to visit my 90 year old grandfather.. it is not a optional trip. I'll be gone for 2 weeks, and Lycia will be 8 months old. Preferably I would like to take her with me, but I don't know how fair it is to ask of her to fly 11-15 hours in the belly of a plane and return only 2 weeks after. None of my friends really have the facilities or the knowledge to take care of a puppy - esp a basenji.

I could kennel her, but the idea of her being in a crate most of the day doesn't really sit well with me. Lycia and I are used to being outside most of the day… she tolerates her crate while I'm at work, but too much crate time I think would turn her off of it. I'm looking into petsitting in my home, but finding it a bit more complicated in Europe than at home.

So - your suggestions? Totally out of the question to bring her with me?? anyone know Basenji savvy parents in the Alps who I can bribe ? 🙂

lauren - lycia's mum

No chance that her breeder could take her for those 2wks?

I haven't asked the breeder to be honest, I suppose I could.. It would still mean a flight for her because the breeder is in the Czech Rep. …. :0/

I found a place in the states that has a daycare/boarding facility. It was great, my B, Sahara was there for 12 days and she did fine. Hopefully you can find such a place where you are, my sister had petsitting once and didn't care for it, but I think that was the fault of the owner of the business. Just make sure if you have petsitting that you ask for references that you can call and ask about their services. The daycare/boarding place I found was expensive but I didn't worry once that she was there, she was let outside to play with other dogs like 6 times a day. I took her own food and they fed her by my instructions, (I heat can food for Sahara if it has been in the refrigerator and they did that also). When she got back home she slept for 2 days, tells me she had a fun time. I will use them again, good luck, I know how it is to worry about your furbaby.

Try the french basenji forum, there are a few basenjis owners there, who are from switzerland. One of the guy was the president of the swiss basenji club and knows a lot of people basenji related, he could probably help.

Ahh. Seko thank you - that slipped right out of my brain! 🙂

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