• Hi everyone! So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was entering Dallas into a contest for cutest dog in a costume run by a local radio station. Round one is taking votes now!

    So, anyone with a valid email address can vote & help my boy out 🙂 The website is: www.wmzq.com

    Dallas is number #13! Here's the photo I submitted of him…

    Thanks for any help you guys want to give!!! 😃

  • I like the glasses on him. My vote's in.

  • Thanks for anyone who has already voted! For those who haven't & may want to, the voting doesn't end until tomorrow @ 5 PM!

    As long as you have an email address you can vote! You simply pick your number [Again Dallas is #13] & submit. Then you must go to your email address & follow the link to actually get your vote counted! Thanks a million for all the help guys! 🙂

  • Nina,
    How did he do in the contest rankings? 🙂

  • Only the top 10 were moved onto the second round, not 15 like I originally thought. He was ranked as number 14! :rolleyes: Oh well. I ran out of time anyway so his costume was hardly a costume 🙂 Hopefully next year I will get my stuff together sooner & he will be ready to go!

  • awe, well hopefully next year will be his "breakout" year. #14 is still very good!!! 🙂 Yea Dallas!

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