Poppy Res CC at Bournemouth

Well done you two! Very well deserved.x



Congratulations Poppy, Steve and Sue
also congratulations to Pip and Gerry

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

I do feel guilty for not being on here much but I just find it difficult to find the time!


Congratulations to you and Poppy also to the other winners.

Congrats Steve and Poppy, well deserved, she is beautiful 😃 Roll on those CCs 😉

Congratulations Steve!

Congratulations Steve and Poppy, she looked beautiful.

well done steve & poppy - it was well deserved, she looked lovely.

well done poppy and steveshe is a beautiful girl

Thanks again everyone. We will see what Richmond brings; good weather I hope, Poppy is always at her best when the Sun is shining!

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