Miles: A Rescue

Great story and pics!

absolutley stunnin photos

That is such a beautiful view, I've been to Harpers Ferry and it is even more gorgeous in person!!! Lexi and Miles are definately photogenic. I just love these pictures of them!

What beautiful scenery and pups! How sweet they are together!

The latest pics of the crazies: Gosh, they look so sweet and innocent here! 🙂

What barooteefull babies!
Miles' ears are looking so much better, BDawg! You're doing a fantastic job!

I love the first pic, it looks like a heart!

The second one is great too!

After play, fighting, B-500's, getting into just about everything!!! At the end of the night we are always saying Their so peaceful and sweet!!! and they are. Great photos once again.

I didn't even realize that the top pic they are forming a heart! How cute!! Awww… I am melting at my own pic...hahahah... I love my furrybabies!

You are quite the photographer, you and your hubby. I like how you can see their shadow behind them in the 2nd one, but I love the heart shape also, you know that is a trait of Basenjis, they like to sleep that way.

Check out those ears on Miles, they look soooooooooo much better. I went back to the thread page and clicked on the pic of Miles and Lexi, the one with Miles standing, and Lexi laying in front, well check out the difference of the ears in that pic and the one on this thread, Oh my Gosh!!!!!! You are a great rescuer, Mom, and Basenji friend. See what tender loving:D care will do for any living thing. Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your babies look so sweet! miles looks wonderful! i just love happy endings!

Yes, his ears are SO much better; still not 100%, but better!


Yes, his ears are SO much better; still not 100%, but better!

They look 100% better! He is looking real good, happy and healthy. 🆒 🆒 Lexi looks pretty happy too!;)

So today was Lexi's birthday… And because Miles's history is a mystery, we decided that he will celebrate his Barroooo day with Lexi on April 9th. Today Lexi was 6 and we say Miles is 8. For their birthday, hubby took the kids to Great Falls to go hiking. I think they enjoyed it; what do you think?? 🙂

Looks like a super B-Day for the both of them!!!

Lucky pups!

Happy Birthday Lexi and Miles!

Happy Birthday! It looks like they had a beautiful, happy day!

Happy belated birthday to the basenjis!!! Barroooo and many more.

These are beautiful pics!…they must love the hiking because they look so serene 🙂 And it looks like your hubby uses the coupler. Do they walk well together??

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