Miles: A Rescue

Great pics!! Love the first… So cute 🙂

Great pics.. and yes our B's love to be on a photograph!

Beautiful dogs…and beautiful new home!!! I LOVE the fireplace. I am totally jealous that your home is perfectly clutter free!

Thank you for sharing these.

Miles is very photogenic, lovely christmas pics

I absolutely love the photo of the two of them in front of the Christmas tree at night!:D:D:D

Maybe the spats over dinner would stop if you put the bowls in separate rooms? Or at different ends of the same room where something blocks their view of each other. . this might just be because the situation is new - he may need to reassure himself dinner will always show up, and he'll always get some, before he's willing to share space for it.

Even our "bulldog" gets into the spirit…lol

They look great :D!

BDawg…Your kids are such hams - and I don't mean just "Ham - Miles". LOL - it looks like you have the easiest time getting pics of them posing. :D:D:D

Great photos BTW - love the fur trim on the kids coats and such a nice family photo w/you, your hubby, Lexi & Miles.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas in your new home!!!

We woke up to several inches of snow this morning– the most I've ever seen in my life! Took some pics- at least another foot is expected!!

Lexi hates the snow:

Determined to find some grass…

What's all this white stuff?

First walk of the day:

Video on the walk:

Trying to get the dogs to play in the snow- these are definitely desert dogs!

Lexi being a good girl and coming out to "play".

They look so neat out in the snow great pictures. At least it's Saturday.

Rita Jean

Snowed in… what else is there to do besides take pictures of your furkids?? 😉
Merry Christmas!!

Love those jackets! The furbabies look so warm and happy with them on. Merry Christmas

Great Christmas and snow photos. Those coats still look wonderful, and very handy with all that white stuff!


What great pictures..the snow ones make me jealous..I want snow too…the christmas tree ones make me jealous..I want dogs that pose too..seriously, awesome pictures..the one of the whole family, lovely.

Nice pictures and they do look so lovely in there coats by the tree.

Basenjimamma be very careful what you wish for. We had about 2 inche week ago was gone in two day's Yes love that fact. They say it's going to start mix on Tuesday, Wed, snow on Thursday we may have a white Christmas. It can go away then and stay gone.

Rita Jean

We got a total of 20 inches- I think it's a record for around here! The dogs HATE it. Lexi just tries to tunnel through the door to get back inside where it's warm. We took the dogs to a field where they could run around. We wanted to see if they'd frolic in it like other dogs do. As soon as we let them off, Miles ran right back down our street. We thought he was trying to go home until he bolted into the first open garage (where the guy was shoveling his driveway). We caught him digging in their trash. Nice. Not doing that again!! (Please note that the entire area is shut down and there were no cars driving anywhere, in case you were wondering.) The snow is well above their heads now. We had to shovel a path for them to go to the bathroom. lol

Sorry we haven't been on in a while. I'm working on my second job as a stylist for Stella & Dot. Check it out and tell your friends!!

Meanwhile I'm going to post some pics from the last six months!! 🙂

So, living in northern VA, just outside DC, we had the worst winter ever. Here are some pics and videos from the massive storm we got!

Click on this one- it's a video!

Notice the dogs love to lay on the heating vent. 🙂 Click on this one- it's a video!

Then spring came and we went hiking! 🙂

They always tell us that they love us. 🙂 Click on this one- it's a video!

We took the kids to the Basenji Convention this weekend…

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