Miles: A Rescue

Sweet pictures..
I am sorry about the high fart food, I guess it is time to try the next thing, right? I have heard very good things about Wellness, good luck.
I can't tell very well, but it sure looks like Miles' ears look better….good job.

They LOOK great, even if they don't smell that way (haha). Your bedroom is gorgeous! I cannot even imagine having white bedding with 3 black/tri basenjis who don't wipe their feet when they come in the dog door.

Very nice pictures Miles very handsome. Your bedroom very beautiful thank you for pictures.

Rita Jean

Very nice pics. Lexi looks like a real princess in the first pic 🙂

So… my dogs absoultely LOVE chasing the water hose around the yard. I usually stand out there by myself laughing like an idiot watching them play... but today I convinced my husband we should take pictures and share this joyous occasion with others. 🙂

Don't be afraid to get out there and stick your face in it, Lexi!!


Great fun.
My boy won't do that, he runs the other way if the hose or sprinkler system kicks on, our dachshund however is so trying to kill that water snake..hilarious.
Thanks for sharing their great fun..

Very nice pictures and your babies are lovely. Love seeing them chase water that's great. Really good pictures thank you looks like they had a ton of fun.

Rita Jean

First Basenji's

Hi BDawg! I can't wait to hear more about Miles and Lexi…...thanks for sharing your story so far! We have an 8.5 year old B-girl (Haley) who's always been an "only dog", but we've just decided to find an old-ish B-boy to adopt. It's a scary decision, but your story gives me hope! Keep the stories coming!!! (We're in Arizona.....if anyone knows of a B-guy that might need a home.............we've just applied to BRAT.......and thinking about applying with a southern California rescue, too, since that is a neighboring state)

Yeah!! I'm so glad we can inspire you to want to rescue. Miles has truly been a blessing! I feel so lucky to have found him in the pound and to have had the opportunity to give him a second chance. He's such a character and has brought immeasurable happiness to our lives. Every time I see him, I just want to run over and squish him. 🙂 hehehehhehehe …

Well, I have to also tell you that last weekend he started acting strangely. He tried to jump up on the couch and he couldn't. And it seemed his back legs weren't working properly. And then he refused to do stairs. 😞 I got really nervous but thought it could be anything from a pinched nerve to arthritis, etc. So we made close observations and then took him to the vet. His personality was not affected-- he just seemed to not want to move. And when he did, it was hard for him to bear weight on his back legs and he was no longer jumping onto or off anything. So after our vet visit, she said he had early stage arthritis. 😞 It's the best scenario I guess. I mean, it could have been a lot worse. Getting old just sucks. So we have glucosamine/chondrotin (sp) and a pain med for him to take from here on out. He had his first dose last night and I couldn't have been more excited to see him jump onto our bed and dig under the covers!! (Usually "the kids" have to get down in their bed at night, but last night... they got full privileges and got to start and STAY in our bed all night!) But it's getting through little challenges together that really gives life meaning. We help each other. I wish I could rescue all of them. Truly.

I hope others find the strength to reach out and save one. It will come back to you ten fold. 🙂 Hugs!!

First Basenji's

Oh, I'm so so sorry. I can feel Miles' pain! I've gotta take those meds, too, sometimes. AGING STINKS! I stayed up late last night and read all of the stories of your 'kids'….....'specially loved the pics and clips......I feel like I know them!! I hope you continue to update us on all the ups and downs of your life with Lexi and Miles. Love to you all!

Our Border Collie, who is just turned 10 back in April, has gotten stuck half way up/down the stairs before. He without a doubt has arthritis, but it always concerns me since Border Collies are known to have hip issues as they get older.

Medication makes a big difference. Hopefully Miles continues to respond well to the meds. 🙂

Hope the medication works for Miles. I love the pics of them both chasing the water hose. He looks so much better than when you first got him, what a difference with his ears.

Wish the best with the med's Miles and look forward to lots pictures of running and jumping.

Rita Jean

Well, it's day two with the meds… My husband thinks we should half his dose because "he was so well behaved when his hips weren't working"...LOL (joking, of course)... But Miles is responding well to the meds and this morning he got all frisky running around the sofa before getting in his crate-- which is more his speed. It's like he knows he's going to have to get in the box and so he zips around and gets out his energy before settling down. hahaha... And so far this evening, he's doing stairs and seemingly back to his old self. YEAH!! 🙂

And thanks to everyone for all their comments, suggestions, and love over the years. I love you guys!!


Great news. It is so hard to see your dog stiff and miserable, when they clearly have more run left in their system. Sounds like Miles is

That is great news so very happy you have your Miles back to himself. Great days ahead clear run way.

Rita Jean

We've been welcoming fall to our area. The weather's been soooo nice lately. I put the autumn wreath up. And the kids put their fall collars on. Miles has his Indian corn collar and Lexi's is pumpkins and cornicopias. 🙂 Yeah!


What a great picture. I really like it..

And I see your bulldog is wearing his fall football sweater. ;):D

Lovely pic…

I love that picture! SO cute!

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