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Do not wish to remove myself, just change the name and my profile. I lost my 1st Basenji a few years ago, now I have another and wish to change the details.

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My first Basenji was a spring puppy. Of course we had to wait 9 weeks before we could bring her home. I was told by the breeder we got her from that occasionally Basenjis will have a spring litter.

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My Seeka has slept with us every night, except for boarding since we got her at 10 months old. She snuggles right up to me under the covers.

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Seeka is bathed regularly due her swimming and rolling in sand at the park daily, besides she sleeps in the bed with us. We put 1 tsp of Optima 365 in her dry food daily. Vet recommended. Takes care of her dandruff.

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She is very cute and a real sweetheart too

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So sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose your baby. We had our first B for 12 years. Had such a big hole in my heart we got another one. She is 3yrs now. You will find another.

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I have tin foil covering all my fabric furniture. It is the only thing that has worked to keep Seeka off the furniture and from chewing.

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