Lexi & Miles- world travelers, Cairo & Caesar - couch potatoes

  • Well, as I view the great adventures of Lexi and Miles on their canoe trip I chuckle to myself as I look at my boys.

    Here they are in their evening personas…..

    The boys snuggled on the couch. Cairo is the brindle puppy and Caesar is the red old man...

  • They look so sweet - sort of a "we never get into any mischief" look on their faces!


  • My baby Caesar. He is my cutie pie.

    Sleepy eyes….

    Cairo alert and on the prowl…

    What's going on? I want to sleep…

  • Let me introduce our new doggie roommate Latte. She is a happy Yorkie weighing 7lbs and is 4 years old. She has a closet full of dresses, plays with Cairo all day and is a sweetie in need of a haircut, LOL.:D

    Here is what they do together all night. Latte growls, "Dont take my toy! Let's play tug of war!" Then Cairo mimicks her sounds! So Cairo is growl squeak barking (no rooing yet) back at her. Immitating her little bark. He sounds like a duck.

    That was our evening after house.

  • Wow! They are so adorable all snuggled together! Latte is a cutie pie and it sounds like you are going to have lots of fun! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about the trio!

  • Awww thank you for the pics, they are very cute indead couch spuds or not.

  • Great photos!! They are all 3 cute dogs!! I really like the pic of Cairo & Latte playing tug-of-war. I'm not surprised Latte & Cairo played alot. Something about the terrier breed's energy level.. it seems to match the basenji. My Hollie would play with Yorkie's & West Highland Terriers at daycare. It was amazing to watch them GO GO GO!!!

  • How did I miss this before? lol… So funny! It's okay if they are sweet little home bodies... it takes all kinds... 😉

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