• I've decided that Lexi is my little Lassie. She is so smart and we have this crazy way of communicating without words. Whenever she is going to be sick (she gets buttjuice and licks it and then it makes her throw up, gross I know-sorry), she will come to me and make this certain noise to let me know she's going to be ill. I'll then pick her up and stand her over the toilet so she can puke in there. She's so smart.

    Yesterday Lexi came running up to me making this very distinct noise, just like she was trying to tell me something. I swear I wanted to say, "What is it girl?" just like they did in Lassie. ("What is it girl? Timmy's fallen into the well?! Lassie leading the way…) So here Lexi's trying to talk to me and she's motioning for me to follow... I get up and see Miles, our new rescue, in the corner of the dining room about to heave on the floor. I swiftly pick him up and hang him over the toilet. What a smart girl my Lexi is.

    Does anyone else's dogs talk to them like this? :p

  • I thought I had the smartest B, that was pretty smart of Lexi to go get you. I believe that Sahara understands me, we are so close. I only work about 3 hrs a day so the rest of the day I spend with her, when I am not busy running here and there. Today I took her with me in the car and I went to 2 drive in banks and they just love her. I have a bumper sticker on my car that reads, "My Basenji is smarter than your honor student', so we get alot of looks when I have her in the car. Her breed is not know here by many. When we go for walks she gets looks also, and questions from people when we are downtown at the waterfront. Haven't been there all winter, Sahara, hates to be cold and for some unknown reason she won't wear her coat now. It is too much of a struggle to get it on her, so I say, "Ok Sahara, you are going to get cold. Looking for warmer days soon so we can get walking. Again, smart B you have there!!!!!!

  • Ohhh, that's too cute! Mine just run to me, run to the door and whine to go outside to throw up!

  • Yep! Smart girl, Lexi is. Duke doesn't have the years Lexi has, but at 14 mos he has way more over Daisy's 14 weeks. I have observed Dukes eyes as they speak to me when he's unhappy with Daisy. He could kill her with one shake of her neck if he wanted. But instead, I notice he comes to me to rest, exhausted from her relentless rough-housing with him. She's not afraid of the "big bad wolf". :rolleyes: So smart!!

  • OMG!! WHAT A SMART GIRL YOU HAVE!! I'm definitely sure she's "Lassie" material πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

    "My Basenji is smarter than your honor student',

    Where can I get that sticker?? LOL I luv it!

  • How impressive!!! She is SO SMART!! You are SO LUCKY!!! I had a poodle mix that we taught to run to the door when she was going to be sick, but with my B mix, she will get down on the floor, lying on her tummy and start to get sick… at least I have time to get a towel!

  • Your Lassie (Lexi) is a very smart girl–and so considerate!

  • That is a neat trick, my girls just heave on the floor. No morals i tell you. Love them anyway. πŸ™‚

  • Bella stops, dead center of the room and freezes like a statue. Then she starts smacking her lips and licking her nose repeatedly. Usually she gives me plenty of time to guide her away from my fancy rug and get her to the hard floor. I swear she is like a baby, she expects me to sit there with her and tell her it will be okay. You can tell it scares her to get sick, poor thing. I think that is really smart of Lexi to tell you her bubby is sick!

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